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Introduction: KaplanStrategic Goal: To get a larger share of the Australian Higher Education Market. Kaplan Australia is a fully owned subsidiary of Kaplan. inc owned by Washington post. Kaplan offers pre-university pathway programs for students hoping to join Australian University. Since its entry in Australia in 2006 Kaplan has grown to become Navitas biggest challenger in pathway and English proficiency course. Navitas Organizational Vision, Mission and ValuesOrganizational VisionNavitas vision is to attain recognition as the most trusted global learning organization in the world. Kaplan’s visionOrganizational MissionThe organization mission states that: Navitas is passionate about creating opportunities through lifelong learning and global leader in delivering better learning solutions. Kaplan’s mission is to assist students to realize their educational and career ambitions by building “futures one success story at a time. Organizational ValueNavitas organizational values is are followsThey have a passion for their purposeDemonstration of the passion through achievementAre rigorous improving their professional reputation and credibility? Acting ethically in their operationsRespect and care for the environment and people. Kaplan’s“Kaplan helps individuals achieve their educational and career goals.

We build futures one success story at a time” (Kaplan Australia) Values include: Integrity: Kaplan strives to uphold ethical standards in their day to day operationsKnowledge: Kaplan instructors are highly experienced and knowledgeableSupport: “we offer you the tools you need to succeed”Opportunity: Kaplan avails pathways for access to education. Results: Kaplan dedicates themselves in making sure their students achieve their goals. SWOT analysis NavitasStrengths: The strengths of Navitas outlined below add value to the company, and gives it the edge in most areas of its business over competitors (Yip 2004, pp. 23).

Strategic alliances with top universities in the regions it operates in. Effective marketing strategies has enabled the corporation maintain a profitable trend over the last five years raise. Experienced and highly skilled employees Reputation of delivering high quality resultsCapabilitiesNavitas is a publically listed company and has been making profits consistently meaning they have a strong financial position as it has market capitalization of over $169 million. Navitas has a highly experienced and talented executive team that can enable them implement any new strategy they choose to implement.

Weaknesses: Navitas lack of patents/proprietary technology is one of the factors that may mean the company may be overtaken by competitors that may successfully copy their business model. Opportunities: Navitas good financial position can enable them invest in New opportunities in Australia and other regions. The lack of quality education in various regions means Navitas can expand their geographical reach to other regions like ASIA and Africa (Szymanski and Bharadway 1993, pp. 16). Navitas has excelled in taking over and merging with other businesses.

Navitas should use these two strategies to enter new markets and capture the customer bases of these existing businesses (Kotler, Brown, Adam and Armstrong 2007, pp. 175). Acquisition of existing educational institutionsThreats: Navitas must be aware of possible threats to the growth of their business when formulating contingency plans and strategies (Brassington and Pettitt, 2006, pp. 124).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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