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ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOURIntroductionPepsi Beverage Company is an international company that deals with quality production of soft drinks, and franchises in countries around the world. The firm has relied on organization behavior to help promote social integration within the company, improve the capacity of production and increase its market share. Organization behavior helped offer better leadership, exploit full potential of personnel involved, develop relationships between workers, and allow personnel involved make expectations that are realistic; helps in improving work satisfaction thus promote quality production (Markus, 1977). By implementing the objectives of the organization, human objectives and the objectives of the society initiated by organization behavior, Pepsi is able to develop better and effective relationships between the organization and the people involvedTheories and Concepts of Organization BehaviorOrganization behavior in Pepsi Company is influenced not by one element per say but a diverse range of elements.

These are concepts of motivation, elements of what determines problem solving, elements of decision making, behavior based on personality issues, communication, organization structures and behavior influenced by the ability of a person to take control and relieve stress. From all these allay of concepts and factors, theories and models are derived to explain organization behavior and what influences people to relate (Harris, 1994). Motivational Theories of Organization BehaviorAmong motivational theories is the Marslow’s theory.

This theory states that an employee will execute the best of their skills if their needs were met. The theory suggests that there is a hierarchy of needs, and an employee will be as much productive depending in which order of needs they are at. These needs begin with the basic needs which are the physiological needs which are essential for the survival of individuals.

These needs are like water, food, shelter, air, sex, and clothing. The second order of needs is the safety needs (Harris, 1994). An employee will be motivated to work harder if they feel that they have security in work, financial security, and have been covered against risks like medical insurance covers. These needs are followed by social needs which are necessitated by the need to belong to a religion, family, and friends and relate well with co-workers. The fourth needs are the self esteem needs when an employee feels they are independent, are confident to undertake responsibilities they are given.

Finally there are the self actualization needs where an individual feels confident enough to stand out, feel they have achieved something and do whatever they need to do to reach their peak regardless of what other people say. Pepsi Company has made it its business to know what their employees need, by offering them good remuneration to take care of the physiological needs. They have medical insurance policies covers and saving schemes for their employees to offer them safety and security in terms of security against accidents in the work setup.

Through regular team building exercise, the company has encouraged social integration and promotion of self- confidence. This caters for the social and self esteem needs. In order to cater for self actualization needs, Pepsi has encouraged employee growth, innovations and promotions by merit for hardworking employees.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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