Essays on Success in the International Market: Case of Choco & More Company Case Study

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The paper "Success in the International Market: Case of Choco & More Company" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. A business operational plan is a very important document for any business to achieve its goals and objectives. It is a tool that lays down the direction and steps the business should take in order to have the largest market share. A good operational plan guides the business owners towards achieving desired results in the most profitable way. An operational plan lays down production, legal requirements, personnel, location, inventory, supplies and credit policies.

This acts as guidelines to those in business to know when to make the right decision that will benefit the business. Therefore, for this branch of Choco & More to be successful the operational plan should be used to manage finances. Production The company’ s main aim is to produce a wide range of chocolate products to be able to capture wide marketing rang from all groups of the population. The company aims to produce a high quality of luxurious chocolates as well as to cater to those people who love chocolate and would pay a fortune for something with quality and uniqueness of taste.

Another objective that the company is working on is creating custom chocolate for occasions such as weddings, special occasions like anniversaries, birthday parties, graduation parties and much more. Our product is mainly focused on producing special kind of chocolate that looks and tastes unique which will capture the attention of people who love chocolate and pay great attention to details such as chocolate quality and packing quality as well. Additionally, the company will extend its services to customers by working towards home and office delivery to satisfy customer’ s needs and to penetrate a wide range of the market. Production techniques and costs The company is a branch of another main shop located in Qatar so the production of products and services will definitely be separated and will be located in UAE as the new shop will be in Abu Dhabi as mentioned earlier in the project plan. As for our raw material it’ s imported from different countries that offer the best raw chocolate in the world such as Belgium and Switzerland.

We are famous for our handmade chocolate from old recipes which is the secret of our success and uniqueness. Choco & more chocolate is prepared with fresh, unique, and premium ingredients and this is what makes our flavorsome chocolate. Our products and services will be offered throughout our newly opened branch in Abu Dhabi for the time being, in addition to our delivery services. We are planning to expand and open more branches in the future but so far our customers can get our products and services either by visiting our shop, ordering through our website or calling and ordering through the phone. Raw Chocolate production Once the chocolate is imported to UAE it will be delivered to our factory in Abu Dhabi and the chocolate will be divided based on its type as we have three types of chocolate which are dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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