Essays on Supply Chain Management - Teys Australian Company and the Bidivest Company Case Study

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The paper "Supply Chain Management - Teys Australian Company and the Bidivest Company" is a good example of a business case study.   The research was necessitated by a desire to comprehend the integration of the theoretical aspects with the practical ones on supply chain management in the food, beverage, and service industry. The research was centered on the analysis of two companies that are among the top 10 most performing companies in the Australian food and service industry. The two companies are Teys Australian Company and the Bidivest Company. Supply Chain Management is in definition the integration of the forward and backward movement of information by integrating the various facets of the chain to ensure that customers get quality products on time.

It also ensures that the company does make justified investments with their resources that in the end will bring value to the organization (Slack, Chambers and Johnston, 2010. Pp. 12). The two companies have employed some supply chain management practices that have been integral in their escalation in the food and beverage industry ladder. The practices include inventory management, strategic alliances, employment of the lean supply system, inbound, and outbound logistics.

The technology progression has also played a key role in the streamlining of the supply chain management of organizations. It has been achieved through the creation of various software’ s that are crucial in the supply chain industry they include; vendor management inventory (VMI), enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer management software (CMS) among others. The following findings were discovered in the research. Firstly, the practices are employed to reduce the wastage that is quite common in the supply chain system. Secondly, the practices ensure that companies can invest their finances in progressive projects that are crucial in the development of the country.

Lastly, the practices ensure that the management can streamline their operations resulting in the delivery of quality services that are efficient and effective. Best Practices research methodology Supply chain management is such a critical factor in the business industry. In our study, we focussed on the best supply chain management practices within the food industry. The research concentrated on two companies that are Teys Australia and Bidivest. Indeed, these two are both involved in the foodservice supply chain in the industry. Therefore, to come up with progressive and conclusive information on this subject, secondary data was employed.

The secondary data contained sufficient information on the company’ s progress in Australia. The Teys Australia and Bidivest companies were ranked among the top 10 performing companies in the Australian food and beverage industry in 2015. Additionally, to ensure that the study was comprehensive primary data was incorporated into the supply chain management best practices that the companies were employed to achieve a competitive advantage in the food industry.

A structured questionnaire, divided into four parts was essential in the collection of data. There was Part A, which is the organizational profile, and part B, the extent and impact of the adoption of best practices in supply chain management in achieving a competitive edge in the industry. Part C involved establishing the impact of supply chain implementation, and part D, determining the challenges faced in the implementation of supply chain management (Hiew, 2005). The questionnaire is popular because the researcher has control over types of data at the time of data gathering.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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