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The paper 'Survey Design ' is a good example of a Management Case Study. We would like to extend dour hearty gratitude to our module assignment coordinator Mr. Othman Sadoki, for his encouragement, assistance, and guidance right from the start. He has enabled us to gain a clear understanding of this subject. Furthermore, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to Mrs. Aruna Dhade for sharing her vast knowledge in research and in each of its sections. We thank her for her patience and guidance. Lastly, we are thankful to everyone else involved in supporting us in this survey. Preface: This paper is a survey design of Vodafone Qatar, a telecommunications company that mainly deals with mobile service provision and the sale of various communications-related software and hardware such as phones and ICT services. The survey at hand is aimed at evaluating the level to which the company is meeting its clients’ needs.

It aims to measure the satisfaction of the customers and also find out needs that are not being met. In order to complete this assignment, we have based our theories on two sources; a book and an online source.

Works cited can be found at the end of the paper. Introduction: This paper will look at the strategies of one among the leading telecommunications companies in the world, Vodafone. Specific we are looking at Vodafone Qatar which is a branch of Vodafone. Vodafone Qatar is an award-winning mobile service provider with wide coverage all over the country. At the recent Mobile News Awards, the company had the honor of receiving the ‘ Best Network Award’ for their reliability and extensive coverage   They have also been recognized as providers of total communications solutions - particularly around converged communications (Vodafone).

Some of the company’ s awards include that of Supplier of the year in 2009, and best coverage solutions in 2010. Vodafone internationally is powered by extremely efficient resources both industrial and human. This is the case especially with Vodafone Qatar which is continually striving to recruit the best people to join their company. Vodafone Qatar has a well established corporate sector that drives the business and ensures the provision of quality services and customer satisfaction. The company is powered by 500 engineers, consultants, and service delivery personnel. In the year 2009, the Supreme Council of Information Technology (ictQATAR) licensed Vodafone to operate in Qatar under the brand name Vodafone Qatar.

They were given permission to provide both fixed and mobile telecommunications services in the state of Qatar. Since then the company has grown in its quest to design and implement an excellent communications portfolio in the state. Vodafone is always on a quest to raise its profits and provide better services and products to their clients. The company is targeting to raise its net income and raising its worth in the market.

It is committed to the continual expansion of its reach in Qatar and in developing beneficial partnerships so as to better their services and products. Vodafone Qatar’ s main clients are phone users. Those who need to communicate through telephones, whether fixed or mobile phones are clients or potential clients of the company. This is because they both cell phones and provide phone-related services like mobile phone service and mobile phone internet services. In today’ s world where telecommunications has become extremely relevant, this means the customers are very many.

This, of course, works to the advantage of Vodafone Qatar because they have a ready demand for their products and services.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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