Essays on Survey of the RR Donnelleys Inventories Case Study

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The paper "Survey of the RR Donnelley’ s Inventories " is a wonderful example of a case study on business. The future of printing industry is likely to be affected with the advancement in technology. The demand for printed media such as magazines will fall significantly as a result of the introduction of personal computers. In connection with this, digital printing is likely to replace the lithographic printing. This change will result to loss of many jobs as well as creation of other types of jobs to the experts. The use of color printing is also likely to increase significantly.

Additionally, RR Donnelley is likely to succeed in future because its inventory storage is below its sells. As a way of overcoming marketing challenges, RR Donnelley is likely to form alliances with other printing companies. The company will also be forced to allocate more funds to the technological devices so as to compete effectively in the printing industry. The study was carried out to examine the future of the printing industry in the current technology-depended-society. This is in connection with the fact that new technology is being employed in almost every field including the printing industry.

Majority of the innovations in the current world are often associated with the application of electronic techniques instead of mechanical equipment. For instance, high-speed phototypesetting machines, video display terminals, as well as computerized typesetting are some of the technologies that have significantly impacted the printing industry. When researching on the future of the printing industry, it was necessary to identify the challenges that were to take place in the industry as well as to the people.

For instance, it is evident that employment in areas associated with letterpress and hot-metal typesetting in the printing industry has been declining significantly (Peterson 1). In connection with this assertion, I tried to find out what has replaced the old typesetting and found out that printing associated with photographic techniques has become dominant in the printing industry. I also looked at the technological changes that have hampered with labor requirements in the printing press because of the rise in dependence on computers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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