Essays on Termination of Employment, Procedure and Policy Coursework

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The paper "Termination of Employment, Procedure, and Policy" is an engrossing example of coursework on human resources. There are only rare cases and scenarios wherein, the administration and the manager would actually happily fire People. But in either case, even if they are not happy to do it, situation calls, sometimes they have to do it. And so, there is a complete procedure that needs to be followed in order to finish this whole process, once the thought of terminating has occurred, and the administration or the manager has decided that they would terminate a certain employee. The organization's administration also needs to perform this whole task in such a manner that, it is finished off in a decent manner rather than, never-ending Legal battles i. e.

the employee suing the Employee for UN-wanted termination, etc. No matter how mature or how experienced certain managers might be in this journey. This is such an unpredictable scenario that neither the manager nor the administration can foresee how the employee is going to react to such a call. Will it be a furious end or a decent one.

The question always remains. Now, knowing procedure wise actually what to do in such a case won't make it a happy picture for anybody, but it can help managers and administration avoid making huge mistakes. Mistakes, which could cost the organization huge costs. The point to ponder upon is what would actually be the key to a successful termination Procedure? The answer to this is that it initiates with the beginning of the process, until the end of the employee's tenure. So in basic the whole term relationship, that initiates with the recruitment of the employee. Also if the manager and the administration get hold of a good handbook relating the employees, proper training in this regard helps lay the foundation of a stronger base for succeeding actions. After the termination process has ended also another very vital issue in every body’ s mind is, how are the organization, its workings, and the environment perceived by all?


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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