Essays on Termination Of Employment Porcedure And Polcy Article

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Table of ContentsIntroduction …………………… 3-5Definition and purpose of Termination ……………………. 5-7Main Argument …………………. . 7- 10 Conclusion ……………………11-13 Introduction: There are only rare cases and scenarios wherein, the administration and the manager would actually happily fire People. But in either case, even if they are not happy to do it, situation calls, sometimes they have to do it. And so, there is a complete procedure that needs to be followed in order to finish this whole process, once the though of terminating has occurred, and the administration or the manager has decided that they would terminate a certain employee. The organizations administration also needs to perform this whole task in such a manner that, it is finished off in a decent manner rather than, never ending Legal battles i. e.

the employee suing the Employee for UN wanted termination etc. No matter how mature or how experience d certain managers might be in this jauner. This is such an unpredictable scenario that neither the manager nor the administration can foresee how the employee is going to react to such a call. Will it be a furious end or a decent one.

The question always remains. Now, knowing procedure wise actually what to do in such a case wont make it a happy picture for anybody, but it can help managers and administration avoid making huge mistakes. Mistakes, which could cost the organization huge costs. The point to ponder upon is what would actually be the key to a successful termination Procedure? The answer to this is that it initiates with the beginning of the process, until the end of the employees tenure.

So in basic the whole term relationship, that initiates with the recruitment of the employee. Also if the manager and the administration get hold of a good handbook relating the employees, proper training in this regard helps lay the foundation of a stronger base for succeeding actions. After the termination process has ended also another very vital issue in every body’s mind is, how is the organization, its workings, and environment perceived by all? The next vital issue to consider is who are the sufferer s? Now it is a general notion that a termination impacts the employee the most.

Not denying that it does, the termination process in fact impacts everyone. Furthermore, there are varying cases in regards to how these now UN employed individuals are handled by the state. Some estates provide a lot of security to these unemployed individuals, in form of giving them the right to claim on their insurances mostly it is the employer who has to justify his act of termination. It is necessary at this point in time to be aware of all the state and federal laws and policies so that the employer and organization may be prepared for any action that might come forth. The ideal thing to look forward to is the fact that the employee being terminated leaves the job with a light heart.

And does not have any grudges against the employer or the organization. Because believe it or not that employee will automatically act as the salesperson, he / she will have the power to defame your organization within his / her personal and business circle.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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