Essays on Tetra Pak - Main Inputs, Outputs, and the Transformation Process Involved, Planning and Controlling Case Study

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The paper “ Tetra Pak - Main Inputs, Outputs, and the Transformation Process Involved, Planning and Controlling" is a meaty example of a case study on marketing. Production of food and beverages is a more complex enterprise which calls for detailed planning since the reception of the required raw materials to the activities of processing, packaging as well as the distribution of finished products. As a result, it is important to have constant monitoring of the value chain so as to ensure that the food supplied to consumers is rigorously protected through consistent provision of quality products of high throughput and reduced operating costs. Tetra Pak holds a unique position within the food processing industry because of its successful and profitable resources giving it the capability to invest its future operations.

The company’ s decision-making processes are based on employee behavior as well as customer service, majorly focusing on customer satisfaction. On the other hand, controlling involves monitoring, comparing and improving work performance. It is important to point out that effective controls are crucial in completing activities through a manner in which the organization can attain its intended goals.

Controls are important because they enable managers to determine whether their organizational goals are met or not. Therefore, the value of a control function is implemented through planning, employee empowering and protection of workplaces (Benton & Shin 2000). A brief description of Tetra Pak InternationalTetra Pak is an international company founded in 1951 in Sweden by Reuben Rausing. It is the largest food processing as well as the packaging company. The company is a branch of the Tetra Laval group, and thus commonly known of processing and packaging, supply services for milk, soups, juices among other liquids.

Tetra Pak works closely with both its customers and suppliers so as to provide products that are of good quality, safe and innovative. The company supplies various carton-packaging that meets the needs of its different customers. Additionally, Tetra Pak involves in the production of its state-of-the-art food processing services and design. This enables the company to achieve a sustained competitive advantage over other food processing companies like Bidco and Unilver, hence, positioning itself well to meet the needs of various people across the globe.

It is apparent that heritage, innovation as well as an understanding of the consumer needs are the key drivers for Tetra Pak. The management strongly believes in encouraging its customers to develop a more profitable growth and sustainable environment. Therefore, it is important to note that Tetra Pak is a responsible food processing industry leader capable of promoting the best corporate citizenship. Through its product-service packaging system, Tetra Pak offers highly attractive and finished carton packaged as well as consumable fresh products. The packaging is enhanced through consumer convenience, complete brand exposure, optimal shelf life and easy to open and thus, protecting the company’ s flavors, brands, and the environment.

The processing equipment enables Tetra Pak to provide an absolute solution to products such as dairy, beverages, ice cream and cheese. The services and food solutions the company provides is efficient because it reduces downtime, costs and promotes overall performance. This is achieved through the four main product portfolio services namely; pre-production, production, improvement, and training services. It is clear that Tetra Pak supportive throughout its product lifecycle and customer operations management ensuring that its service products are sold as stand-alone solutions.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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