Essays on The Airline Sector in India: Jet Star Airline Case Study

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The paper "The Airline Sector in India: Jet Star Airline" is an amazing example of a case study on marketing. The airline sector in India has witnessed growth. The opening up of the economy and the government allowing foreign investment in domestic airline providers will ensure more foreign players entering India. The recent growth rate, rise in population, increase in the living sector and the change in mindset poses a huge prospect for all the providers. India being a religious country with very high on socio-cultural factor loyalty and service plays a very important role. The analysis of PESTEL highlights the stability of the political situation, the economic growth rate, the importance of social factor and technological advancement shows a huge potential the market has.

The 4P’ s of marketing demonstrates the huge potential the aviation sector in India gives to the providers. The marketing mix shows that working on different factors in India will ensure that the service provider can have a good market share. The findings demonstrate the different opportunity Jet Star Airlines have. The recommendations thereby highlight the different options available to Jet Star Airlines. Thus, India offers a lot of opportunities to Jet Star Airlines to tap.

The population, rising middle class and proving the services that match with the culture is the mantra for success in India as the domestic providers have been doing so. Introduction Jet Star Airlines is a low-cost airline provider based in Australia. The airlines work on the business model of being cheap which gives it an advantage, especially in developing countries. “ The airline operates in Australia, Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand, and North America and has 48 aircrafts” .

(Jet Star Airways, 2010) The lost cost provider covers most cities in Australia. Despite being a low-cost Jet Star has ensured that “ the fleet matches the modern requirements with leg space, leather seats, good refreshments which need to be paid on board and all modern amenities to make traveling a pleasure” . (Jet Star Airlines, 2010) This cost provider has an opportunity to start its service in India. The advantage this airline will get is enormous. India is a populous country with people price-conscious low-cost airlines will succeed. Having flights to India will also ensure more travel and will give a wide market to cater to.

Jet Star would also get the advantage to grow as India is growing will provide the airlines with a new market. The analysis of the report will help to identify the ways in which India could be a beneficial destination for Jet Star Airlines. Airline Service to India The airline services in India are on a rise. “ Presently 56 domestic and 22 foreign airlines are operating which signifies the volume of commuters” . (Pobari, 2009) The market has both public and private operators.

“ India also has 41 nonscheduled air transport operators and another 34 are in line to enter” . (Pobari, 2009) This shows the huge potential this market has.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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