Essays on The Benefits Of Globalisation To Australia Assignment

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02 September 2008Globalization can be defined in two forms: narrow sense and the broader sense. Narrow sense defines globalization as an increase in the internationalization of distribution, production, and the marketing of goods and services. On a broader sense, it is the consolidation of the world society through expansion of global linkages and growth of consciousness. This means that it is a complex thing which brings in political, cultural, economic and technological capabilities in the mobility of the organizations, capital, and technology and man power (Lockhart 2006). Additionally, globalization cannot stay or exist in vacuum.

This means that there are consequences and benefits. Some of the benefits that have been witnessed by Australian society are the expansion of the Australian Universities. The negative side has affected the agricultural sector. There are benefits that are attributed to the globalization of Australia and the major ones are the economy, politics, culture and technology. TechnologyThere is some belief that Australia is an ‘old economy’, current information shows that this is false due to the growing acceptance of globalized communication and trade and also specifically in terms of technology.

There are various researches that have been carried out and it has ranked Australia as a better technological advancement compared to other countries. Technology has improved online shopping within the Australian consumers. A high percentage of Australian population uses internet to pay the bills, shop and access other services. Internet access and availability has grown fast and increases the economical benefit and enables people top multitask. Many educational institutions have benefited a lot due to technological globalization. Many Australia universities have gone international and are found in many countries and use the main university to look for materials.

Resources that the institutions use are accessible online and some times exams are done online and enable distant students to access Australian education as though they were taking the courses in Australia. Moreover, technology advancement and employment has generally increased the efficiency of transport, telecommunications capabilities and ICT in lowering the transactional and transportation costs hence encourages global economic convergence. An example is the use of containers in transportation. The containers have made it possible for bulking and fragile goods to be freighted easily. Telephone and mobile services have enabled easy communication and monitoring of processes.

The reduced calling charges and internet availability has increased the number of people who access these services resulting in embracing of certain features that could have made success in completion in certain tasks near impossible. The low earners and mostly those people from the rural areas can access cheaper services and use the technology in improving the business and living standards (Cox 2007). EconomyIt is evident that Australia participation in international markets has improved living standards, encouraged faster economic growth, easier access of technology and capital and has a higher productivity and lower associated costs when compared to those countries that have closed economies.

Australian exports have continually increased through the years of WTO. This has resulted in increase employment due to the dependency of exportation on employment. This means that a single digit increase on the Australian exports directly increases the amount of people who are employed. In addition, those workers who work in these companies (exports) have a higher yearly pay compared to those non-traded sector economy.

The benefits and success that the organization access or gain trickle down to the workers (Lockhart 2006).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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