Essays on The Use of a Professional Relocation Service Case Study

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The paper 'The Use of a Professional Relocation Service' is an amazing example of finance and accounting case study. The task of the moving project, as described in the brief provided by the director of the call center, was to have the entire office relocated to the new office after the close of business at 5:00 pm Friday. There were a number of constraints on the project plan. No work could be done Friday evening, before 12:00 pm on Saturday, or after 6:30 pm on any day. The vacated office must be left in a useable condition for another department.

And most importantly, the budget is limited to ₤12,500, or half of what was earmarked for the use of professional relocation service. The office comprises 12 cells of six work stations each, one cell of five work stations, and the contents of the director’ s office. Each work station contained a desk with locking three-drawer desk pedestal, overhead hanging file cabinet, computer, printer, and telephone. In addition, each cell of work stations had three hanging file cupboards. The director’ s office contained a work station of similar configuration, plus additional paraphernalia of the sort that usually accumulates in a manager’ s office.

To avoid unnecessary disruption, extra packing, and unpacking, or loss or damage to the staff’ s personal items, it was decided to simply exchange the existing, locked desk pedestals for the new ones in the new location, which would necessitate moving furnishings in both directions. Based on the test move, the capacity of the company’ s Ford Connect van is 29 containers and five desk pedestals – 31 containers if the passenger seat is used, but that would require the passenger to take his own car.

A larger van from Wols Transport would contain the entire contents of a six-station cell, or 42 containers plus six desk pedestals. There are only 35 containers available at the office, so seven more would need to be hired; these can be obtained from Jango Moving with one week’ s notice at a cost of ₤50 per week per 10 containers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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