Essays on Medium-Sized Plumbing Plastics Manufacturing Organization Case Study

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The paper "Medium-Sized Plumbing Plastics Manufacturing Organization" is a good example of a business case study.   Management change within an organization refers to the process of changing the company’ s vision; mission and objectives in order to assist the organization remain on course in performing its activities in order to achieve both its long-term and short-term goals. Strategic change involves change of company’ s core content as presented in the organizational scope, synergy, resource deployments and competitive advantages. The whole process entails the re-alignment of the organizational goals with the external environment in which it operates as stated by Mulcaster (2009). 1.1 Reasons for strategic change The company’ s aim to change its strategy is intended at helping the company attain its goals.

This is activated by the fact that the market environment is ever dynamic and therefore for the company to company to operate competitively it must change tactic in order to absorb any shock that may emerge from the external forces. Given that there is a continuous increase demand for plumbing plastics and allied products which have been as a result of an increase in the world population that has boosted demand for the same.

Strategic change is therefore used as an initiative to come up with sound management tools that will enable the company to supply high-quality products in order to satisfy the customers’ desire by achieving individual mobility. However, strategic change for the company is aimed at countering external forces that are caused by new companies entering the industry, achieve identity in the ever-changing global market and also operate aggressively in the economic, monetary as well as the political environment within the West (Johnson & Scholes, 2008). 2.0 The company SWOT analysis The company SWOT analysis highlights the company’ s strategy by considering its internal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Analysis of these factors will help the company to come up with a strategy that will see the company capitalize on both its strengths and opportunities to cover its areas of weaknesses as well counter any possible threat that might be posed to the company. In this report, we will discuss the strengths and opportunities as well as the weaknesses and threats that will inform the strategic change process of the company (Nag & Hambrick, 2007). 2.1 The company strengths The company for along time has been performing very both locally and in the global market.

It has continued to enjoy a strong reputation and brand that has been both attributed to high-quality product delivery to the market. This has impacted positively on the company’ s performance and no doubt the company has a competitive advantage among the fellow rivals. 2.2 Weaknesses However the Company has been on the map for so many years, it is currently facing numerous challenges ranging from old ways of doing business that does not allow the use of new technology something that has hindered the company’ s plans to deliver world class services and therefore giving chance to its competitors to outdo them. 2.3 Opportunities It is important to note that like other competitors, the company is facing numerous challenges which include advanced technology that will enable the company link well with the customers and even transact online and therefore cutting down unnecessary costs that arise from travelling and market survey expenses.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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