Essays on Australian Energy Industry Case Study

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The paper "Australian Energy Industry" is a perfect example of a business case study. This essay will focus on the Australian energy industry. The sector was selected since it plays a pivotal role in the economy by providing the much-needed energy that allows businesses to function. Thus, the energy sector determines whether individual businesses in Australia can be sustainable and not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. The essay examines the current state of sustainability in the energy industry, and it shows that the sector is unsustainable owing to a reliance on fossil fuels.

Climate change is expected to add further challenges to the sector through extreme weather that can damage energy infrastructure and unexpected variations in energy consumption. The paper will conclude with the selection of a strategic response that is most likely to work and a discussion on the implementation of this preferred approach. The Current State of Sustainability in the Australian Energy Industry It is an accepted fact that the development of human societies has coincided with the placement of enormous strain on the planet. Diesendorf (2012) notes that air, waterways, land, humans, and other species have all suffered as a result of this increased strain on the earth.

Research has shown that the energy sector bears the greatest responsibility for the destruction of the value system that supports various forms of life. Specifically, the burning of fossil fuels releases copious amounts of greenhouse gases that are responsible for the disparities in climatic conditions. Therefore, an examination of the degree to which the Australian energy industry is sustainable is critical in any attempt to stop climate change. Sustainability, in this case, defines sources of energy that can be exploited in the long-term without harming future generations.

For instance, a country that relies on wind power has a sustainable energy industry while a country that fully relies on fossil fuels has an unsustainable energy sector.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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