Essays on The Marketing Strategy for Virgin Blue Airline Case Study

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The paper "The Marketing Strategy for Virgin Blue Airline" is a wonderful example of a case study on marketing. Virgin Blue Airlines has faced a marketing challenge to change the marketing strategy to capture the lucrative business traveler market without losing its base share through a shift in the overall strategy of the organization. The organizational strategy is the central pillar of the company to attract new customers with an additional objective to retain the previous customers as intact to generate additional resources in favor of the company (1).

The strategy will help in pursuing the agenda of the organization to achieve the mission of the organization in a profitable manner to ensure sustainability in the competitive market of the air business. Successful implementation of the strategy that is "New World Carrier" of the company primarily based on the pattern of a combination of the two strategies that is differentiation strategy and low-cost strategy as in the shape of a combined strategy as differentiation and low – cost strategy(2). The strategy will keep the original formula intact with a set of administrative, marketing and financial measure.

These measures include the elimination of the printed tickets for lowering the operational cost of the airline, removal of inclusive in-flight meals to the passengers and through the introduction of a single type of aircraft, a Boeing 737. Similarly, productivity bonuses to the employees for their retention as good staff and to use the airports, which are offering services on a competitive basis, are the additional steps, which are contributing to the achievement of the objectives as are included in the business strategy(3). The success of the business strategy in a competitive environment depends on the renovation and adoption of the latest technology and a proactive marketing strategy for the improvement of the performance of the airlines.

The marketing strategy will focus on the benefits as are associated with the newly formulated business strategy and the implementation of the strategy will provide an opportunity for the airline to position the airline as on a sustainable basis(4). The major thrust of the strategy is to achieve the objectives of the organization with the utilization of the available resources as on an optimum basis and to achieve the results as on the maximum basis on an economic basis.

All the available resources that are human, financial and technological resources will be utilized in favor of the airline for their synergetic impacts. The strategy will serve as a template for all other similar industries for the achievement of similar results as by the Virgin blue though the adoption of differential and low – cost strategy. Case Issues: The differential and low – cost strategy of the Virgin blue has designed to address the following basic issues as are associated with the successful implementation of the strategy.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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