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The Personality Traits of a Man The personality traits of a man are important factors that have significant influence on the organizational behavior and consequently on the performance outcome of the collective goals of the organization. Indeed, the interaction amongst the workers is greatly impacted by their personality and becomes a decisive factor in the amicable resolution of workplace conflicts and motivation. It is also one of the key factors of competitive advantage because workforce is looked upon as resource that can be tapped to improve and improvise the performance of the organization in the fiercely competitive business setting.

Hence, the big five framework of personality traits must become critical issues in the recruitment policy of the organizations. As a Finance and Administration Manager in a medical equipment company in Saudi Arabia, my job was closely linked to the workers’ welfare. I realized the utmost importance of credible personality traits that greatly facilitate better human interaction within the workplace and create conducive environment for sustainable development. Conscientiousness, openness to new experience and emotional adjustment are vital characteristics that not only help the persons to grow individually but also professionally.

The other two traits: extroversion and agreeableness are also important as they help in the integration of the person with the system. These are the traits that make a person more flexible and adapt to the fast changing environment of business with ease. They, thus become the enabling factors for organizations to maintain its pace of growth. I have found that using personality assessment test during recruitment and promotion of employees hugely supports the organizational goals and objectives. These tests help us to get some ideas of the traits of the persons and whether those traits would help the persons to adapt to the organizational culture comfortably.

We had also used ‘situational analysis’ where the candidates were given case studies and they were asked how they perceived the situation and what would be their reaction to the situation. We often hired or evaluated the person for promotion when their perception of the situation and the results of their personality assessment tests corroborated and were found to be constructive. This methodology greatly facilitated us to recruit and promote persons who were able to take up the challenges of the job and face adverse situation with optimism.

While it is true that social scientists are skeptic of the validity of psycho-analytical tools to measure the traits, conscientiousness is still been found to be the major dimension of personality that has proved valid across job specifications. The psycho-analytical perspectives are important tools for understanding the hidden dynamics of human relationship, especially with regard to corporate culture, social defenses, leadership imperatives, motivation and other paradigms associated with organizational behavior.

Different organizations use diverse ways to gauge the suitability of the job aspirants so that they are able to meet the challenges of contemporary times with creative input. In our case, the recruitment process has resulted in good retention rate of employees, even during the recessive economy. Hence, it can be concluded that personality assessment is intrinsic part of recruitment of right candidate. (511)

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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