Essays on Markeaton Park and the Mundy Play Centre Project 2012 Assignment

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The paper “ Markeaton Park and the Mundy Play Centre Project 2012” is a relevant example of a business assignment. Markeaton Park in Derby village is owned by the Derby City Council’ s Department of Leisure Services. It receives more than one million visitors every year. In the whole of East Midlands, it is the most visited area. It covers an area of 207 acres. The park is under the management of the Derby City Council’ s Leisure Services Department. This park is popular in their area but has major problems. Because of the neglect, it has received from the Derby City Council for many years, there is a visible decline in many of its facilities, spaces, and landscape.

This state makes it hard for many of the people visiting the park to enjoy their visits. The quality of the park has gone down considerably and the number of visitors to the park has been observed to dwindle. In order to stop the deterioration in the facilities of the park, the council made use of the Parks for People program by placing a bid with the Heritage Lottery Fund (Manuvhai 2011, 77).

Consequently, the council received a state one pass that will enable it to get a grant of £ 2.4 million for project development in specific areas of the park. The project will not address all the problems being experienced at the park. However, the investment is expected to greatly improve the park (Manning 2009). The bid placed by the council will carter for capital works aimed at improving and restoring the landscape and infrastructure of the park. This management report presents a plan for the renovation of the park.

The plan discusses the aims and objectives, project proposals, support for the proposals, time scales, and work programs. Aims and objectivesMarkeaton Park is actually the most popular in the whole of Derby. However, the decline in the recreational opportunities, facilities, and the landscape has dealt a blow to its reputation. This project is designed to deal with the gradual decline and develop the park so that its quality can go up, raise the number of visitors and enhance their experience.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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