Essays on The Promotions Mix and Promotions Mix Decisions of RedBull in the UK Assignment

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The paper “ The Promotions Mix and Promotions Mix Decisions of RedBull in the UK" is a  delightful example of an assignment on marketing. Promotion constitutes one of the four basic elements of marketing (4 Ps) whose primary objective is to generate sales and create brand loyalty. It implies raising the potential of customers’ awareness of a product or a brand. Red Bull uses the pull strategy by focusing on marketing communications on the consumer in a concerted effort to stimulate their interest to demand the product. The promotional mix is a subset of the marketing mix, which refers to a combination of promotional elements that help a firm achieve its goals.

It gives an optimal way of budget allocation to different elements within it to achieve the best marketing results. The elements of the promotional mix include sales promotion, advertising, sponsorship, publicity and public relations (Debski, 2013).   COUNTRY UK BUDGET Sales Promotion 30.00% It is a marketing element whose primary objective is to increase sales volume and create brand loyalty. Red Bull uses a slogan ‘ Red Bull gives you wings’ to win new customers (New Red Bull Commercial).

The brand image is linked to energy, mystique, and extremism that appeals strongly to the youths. It compares its prices with other energy drinks for example in Sainsbury's using mySupermarket a 4× 250ml Red Bull goes for £ 3.50 and stimulation drink XK of the same quantity goes for £ 6.31 so one saves £ 2.81 Mission. Win the customers’ loyalty through price and quality Message execution. Red Bull is affordable The drink is of superior quality. Source: (http: //www. mysupermarket. co. uk/brands/red_bull_in_tesco. html) Advertisement 30.00% Mission. The extreme sports advertisement depicts immense power that every youth desire.

The latest Red Bull advert featuring the world of Red Bull such as mountain biking at the Red Bull Rampage coupled with suits flying in the Alps, space jump and much more demonstrates the immense energy of the Red Bull. Message Execution. Everything is possible with Red Red Bull gives you wings Media www. RedBull. com, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Motion Advertisements are done seasonally Source: (http: //www. redbullusa. com/cs/Satellite/en_US/Video/New-Red-Bull-Commercial-021243298843093) Sponsorship 20.00% Mission Bonding the product, players and fans. Corporate responsibility. Creating a brand for the game. Message Execution Sponsoring summer Red Bull MotoGP Rockies 2014 at Silverstone Comprehensive coverage of Formula One via ESPN. co. uk Media www. RedBull. com, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Source: (http: //www. redbull. com/cs/Satellite/en_INT/Video/Silverstone-2014---Preview-021243363651132) Public Relations and Publicity 20.00% Mission. Creating a good rapport with the sportspeople and fans. Attracting Youths Building a name in the sporting arena. Offering youths an opportunity for talent development through Formula One Internship. Message execution Proud owners of a team in Formula One, Red Bull Racing Establishing a comprehensive live coverage of Formula One, ESPN. co. uk Sports enthusiasts.   Promotional mix decisions include Mission, Message, Media, and Motion.

Aida, Objectives, Target Customers. Mission Give directions and outline the goals to be achieved by the strategy undertaken. It targets only the customers who fall in a particular market segmentation it is designed to serve. It should be precise to capture attention, create desire and facilitate decision-making. Message Gives communication intended to the customers and is also tailored to suit the specific market that the product is designed for. It should be clear and convincing to generate interest and help in decision-making. Media Is a medium of communication that carries the message and it is selected to suit the target market.

motion It connotes the frequency with which the message designed is relayed to the media.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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