Essays on Harrahs Customer Loyalty Program Case Study

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The paper "Harrah’ s Customer Loyalty Program" is a good example of a management case study.   Customer loyalty is referred to as the key to the success of an organization and the operational benefits come from excelling in continuous improvement of products or service, the products or service design and how the design conforms to customer’ s expectations. Today Companies have embarked on rewarding their repeat customers who have been loyal to the purchases and continue returning for more. In a recent research Book, (2007, p. 33) suggested that in order to improve the loyalty of customers the marketers conduct thorough research on the customers by collecting data which they strategize on how to improve customer loyalty.

Notte (2010, p1) states that in 2007 a survey carried out in U. S membership in a firm known as Colloquy’ s revealed that the number had reached 1.8 billion. Elements that made Customer Loyalty Programs successful The blueprint Companies have developed better strategies to win customers by bringing them back to buy more goods and services. Gordon, (2010) found that today it is not a matter of winning customers but it’ s about building a relationship with an existing customer so that they get to know and trust you.

Harrah’ s case is no different from other companies which have also followed suit to make a success of their operations and activities. The elements that made Harrah’ s program to flourish are personal contact management, decision science-based tools, hotel revenue management initiative and total gold reward customer loyalty program. The CRM initiatives were also very known in the U. S at the time of implementation in 2000 and the competition was not so high at the time.

That is why Harrah’ s revenue rose to $1.4 billion in 2004. The program entailed customers had to fill a form that included details of their address, telephone number and names. This is very vital information that can be used to learn a person’ s daily activities and preferences. The electronic card which conformed to the changes in technological communication is evident enough that Harrah was up to date with the latest technology. The card provided data on the days that the customers logged in to the system, the kind of games they played, the property that they used at Harrah’ s and whether they won the game or lost. Jacobsen, (2011, p1) cited that if an Organization fails to retain its customers then the competitors will have their way and attract your customers.

The technology way has changed the system of marketing globally and Harrah embarked on this method with an aim to retain the level of existing customers. The rewarding of customers with goodies such as casino complimentary, hotel accommodation and discounts on meals were some of the benefits offered to the customers.

The personal contact management system used by Harrah ensured that VIP treatment was given to the VIP customers who were highly valued and a relationship was formed with the hosts who were mandated to offer personalized services to the customers on learning their tastes and preferences. They had an in-depth knowledge of the customer’ s likes and dislikes and the hosts would book rooms for the clients which were stocked with the guest’ s preferences. Customers appreciate when they are treated with excellence and when much attention is focused on them they feel content with the service provided.

Jacobsen, (2011, p1) suggested that it takes quite a while to establish customers in-depth knowledge of their likes and dislikes which Harrah had already established in the Organization. Customer loyalty programs demand dedication and commitment from the management because they take long to establish.


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