Essays on The Software for Having Virtual Sex with Anybody you Want Assignment

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Product Strategy: The Software for Having Virtual Sex with anybody you Want Type and primary characteristics of the product The product under consideration is basically software which helps people to have virtual sex with anybody they want. It requires computer and other accessories like high definition monitor of big size and an advanced sound card or audio system for deriving maximum enjoyment out of this product. The success of the product may depend on the quality of the audio visual equipments connected to the computer. One of the major advantages of this product is that the entire virtual sex session can be saved in the computer disc or the CD’s by the user and he/she can use it again and again.

The user can share his virtual sex sessions with his friends if he like to do so since the he can transfer the electronic data easily to a computer hard disk or CD. Moreover, the user can modify the virtual sex sessions as per his changing interests time to time. This product does not require any license agreements and the user can use the product as many times he likes.

Since this product is software, it is easy to handle and anybody with basic computer knowledge can use it. It can be used anytime anywhere if the user possess a laptop or desktop. Moreover it can be used in the latest advanced cell phones as well. Branding strategies Branding of a product is important for the successful movement of it in the market. Brand is a name or symbol which is used by the companies to differentiate them from others. “A well-known brand is generally regarded as one that people will recognise, often even if they do not know about the company or its products/services.

These are usually the businesses name or the name of a product, although it can also include the name of a feature or style of a product” (What is Branding? , 2009). Virtual sex software should need an attractive branding for its smooth selling in the market. It is better to use an attractive visual or a caption for the branding of this product. Most of the companies like Microsoft, IBM, Virgin, etc use text logos for their branding purpose in order to market their product successfully.

On the other hand, Apple uses an apple with a bite as their corporate logo in order to spread their brand. Samsung uses a combination of text and symbol for their branding purpose. Virtual sex software can also follow the path of Samsung. They can use a combination of image and text in building their logo for brand development purpose. It is better to use an attractive sex provoking image as the background and an attractive text at the foreground.

Brand development can be done through advertisements and sales promotions. Internet ads might be more useful as this product is software oriented one. Feasibility of the product within a product line and the depth and breadth of the line The feasibility of the product in the market can be studied by answering three questions; Is it real, Can you win and is it worth it. (Crow, 2002) The answer to the first question is not a positive one in this case. The product is a real one whereas the effects or the utility of the product is a virtual one.

At the same time, it is impossible to develop a product which provides real sex pleasure with any body you want. Under such circumstances, even if this product gives only the virtual pleasure, it will fit in the market. The product definitely develops a real market since many people with sexual dysfunction or disability are currently looking for one such product. The answer to the second question can you win is “Definitely Yes”.

There are no such products like the virtual sex software in the market now. In other words, virtually no competition will be there for this product. At the same time the demand might be huge because of the enormous interests of people in having sex with celebrities and other beautiful people. Since this product is software, the cost might be slightly high. But at the same time, the company can set the price of this product because of the absence of any other similar product in the market. The answer to the third question is also positive.

This product is definitely worth both for the customers and the product developers. The product developers may not have any manufacturing cost unlike many other physical products. Once the software is developed it can be easily copied to the disc and the product manufacturing cost is negligible. At the same time, since it is software, anybody can copy it on discs just like any other software. In other words, people will use pirated copies of this software like many other software. So the company should take necessary precautions to avoid duplication of this software.

Feasibility of the product and target market strategies with the organizational strategies Target market should be analysed thoroughly in order to formulate marketing strategies. Size of the market segments identified, possible growth rate, competition in the market, attainable market share, sales potential and the expected profit etc should be evaluated before introducing the product in the market (Net MBA, 2007). Organizational strategies must be formulated based on the feedback received from the market. For example, since this product is computer software, some people may face problems in using it.

Organization should formulate strategies to support such customers through telephone or online. After sales support is an important aspect which determine the success and failure of a new product in the market. It is quiet possible that during the initial stages of the introduction of the product, lots of feedbacks the company may receive about the product. Beta testing is necessary for each new product in order to make it faultless. The organization should be ready to make necessary changes in the product based on the initial feedback received from the market in order to make it more acceptable to the customers.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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