Essays on Differentiation in Product Marketing Strategy Case Study

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  The paper "Differentiation in Product Marketing Strategy" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. A strategic marketing plan shows how the company’ s resources will be allocated and distributed to see to it that the company or organization has a competitive edge. In this case, UNE life should postulate its strategic plan in a way that explains fully its achievable goals and objectives within their speculative period (Sujana, 2015). In other words, its strategic marketing plan should show the company where the product market is concentrated. Additionally, a good marketing plan comprises of the organization’ s scope, goals, and objectives, sustainable competitive advantage, the synergy of the organization as well as resource deployments (Sujana, 2015).

UNE life is a campus business organization that mainly concentrates on softening the student life in the campus by availing easy bookings of gowns, meals, fitness services, second handbooks as well as entertainment (UNE life, 2015). Therefore, a good strategic marketing plan will propel UNE life towards its goals by making sure that its available resources are well planned and allocated making it have a competitive edge over other market competitors. Relevance of the hierarchy of strategies, SMART goals and objectives, and the mission Mission An organization’ s mission explains the fundamental purpose of the organization by describing the uniqueness of the organization and the main scope of the company (Michael, 2015).

By so saying, the mission of UNE life should, therefore, focus on the important attributes of the organization as well as the stakeholder’ s wishes (Lahle, 2015). Therefore, by helping the students get entertained, relaxed, stay fit and celebrate, UNE life helps in making their overall campus experience enjoyable and easy. Smart objectives It is universally acknowledged that SMART objectives concentrate on the desired accomplishments within a specific period.

In other words, these objectives function as a blueprint for stipulating vital marketing campaigns (Wayne, 2015). In this case, UNE life ensures that they concentrate on specific objectives by seeing to it that their products are differentiated, and each one of them has its distinct site on its official website (UNE life, 2015). Additionally, by ensuring that the total revenue and number of sold units surpass the preceding year by 30 percent makes their objectives achievable.

By so saying it means that an objective milestone, as well as a measuring scale for its goals, is of utmost importance to the organization's strategic marketing plan (Wayne, 2015). UNE Life, therefore, should try and make their objectives realistic by ensuring that their set goals do not at any one point overwhelm the profit and the sales experienced in their operational years. Moreover, their event calendar ensures that their objectives are time-bound. By so saying, it means that their event calendar clearly indicates the ongoing campus activities that make it easy to plan for the event strategically (UNE life, 2015).

Therefore, in this case, UNE life is in a position to analyze the real results as compared to the projected results which give room for possible adjustments at the end of the strategic plan objectives. UNE life’ s hierarchy of strategies There are three strategic levels that bind UNE life’ s operation. Such strategies include business-level strategy, corporate strategy, and functional strategy. By concentrating on their resource deployments and the scope of the organization, UNE life can realize its corporate strategy.

By so doing, they are well placed to concentrate on their technical compatibility and to ensure that their customers portray behavioral similarity (Sujana, 2015). In other words, behavioral similarity ensures that the UNE lives goes a step further towards their mission of seeing to it that student’ s life on the campus is enjoyable. Additionally, the business strategy of UNE life is achieved through event promotions and advertisements. By so doing, they can have a competitive edge over their competitors in the market. Owing to these facts, UNE life must, therefore, divert its efforts towards its sole mission of easing the campus life so as to realize its Functional strategy.

In other words, incorporating the functional strategy, business strategy, as well as corporative strategy, will enable UNE life to realize its SMART objectives within the campus market (UNE life, 2015).


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