Essays on Various Dimensions of the Employment Relationship Coursework

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The paper "Various Dimensions of the Employment Relationship" is a perfect example of business coursework.   Rose (2004) says that the organizations are generally seen to be as the highest executive level authorities however it is not so. The people are the stakeholders for the organization. The very important part of any organization is the human resource department. This is the department which deals with the recruitment of the newer people for any organization and they are the ones who are responsible for the constant monitoring of the duties that are being performed by the employees at various stages. The strategies and the management criteria that are adopted by human resource management (HRM) can be of help because these are the strategies that help the employees enhance their performances and the work performed. Nankervis, Chatterjee and Coffey (2006) say that the main theory and the main ideology that is being followed by the HRM of any organization is that the relationship that occurs between the employee and the employer is of the mutual nature.

The employer pays the employee his share of the pay or the income that has been pre-decided.

The incomes are designed in such a way that they are fair enough to the work that has been contributed by the employee. The organizations also provide payment packages to the employees. As a consequence, the employees have the stimulus and the urge to develop better and improved knowledge and the skills so that can contribute to the organizations’ success in the future as well. The buildup of the employment relationship As soon as employment is accepted in the organization, the employment relationship is the first thing that starts to build up between the employers and the employees.

HRM is the main role-playing party where they make sure that this relationship stands at the firm point and that all the aspects are carefully seen when the importance of the employment relationship is to be kept constant. There are many dimensions of the employment relationship. The economic dimension of the employment relationship HRM deals with the pay that the employees get. The employee works with all the available skills that are available in hand and thereby it is the right of the employee that the payor the income promised should be paid in a fair manner. Temporary employment agency: the case study For the purpose of the car show, temporary employees were hired to work at the car show for the period of five days.

A total of eighteen employees were hired for the car show for a period of five days. Many problems were seen to be arising between the employers and the employees. The main problem that was faced by the employees was that their due pays were being delayed by the agency.

This was the main factor that participated in creating the agony among the ones hired and that did start to create the stresses between the employers and the employees in this way.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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