Essays on The Turk Hill Stud Mill Case Study

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The paper "The Turk hill Stud Mill" is an amazing example of a case study on business. Although purchasing is a small act of sourcing for products that a company needs to manufacture, sometimes companies end up incurring massive losses in their purchases. Turk hill is one such an organization. Every financial year, the company makes losses of about $100,000 from overpayment for logs and delivery of shorter logs (Sower, 2010).   It is possible for Turk Hill Company to fix the problem at hand. According to Turk Hill Company, the only option available to them is spreading every log and having it measured and inspected before accepting it from the loggers.

This process is time-consuming and can encourage Turk's suppliers to shift their supplies to other millers. Therefore, any decision should have the customer in mind. A commitment to appoint individuals to work at the premises of loggers and inspect the logs before loading in the trucks would help a lot. The inspectors will recommend a shipment to Turk Hill and accept responsibility for it. Additionally, it is easier to count logs in the process of loading instead of counting them when in the lorry.

The driver of the lorry will travel with the delivery records to Turk's premises confirmed by the employee of Turk at the logger’ s premises. A second person offloading the truck at Turks will approve the amount and the quality of the logs. The adoption of the new system will take place if the project proves feasible. It will only be feasible if the amount used to pay extra workers is less compared to the yearly losses Turk Hill incurs on related spending.

Should this process be unviable, the Turk Hill Company can try sourcing for a device that will sort the logs into different sizes and allow measurement upon delivery.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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