Essays on Theories and Models in Marketing Strategy: Case of So Fair Case Study

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The paper "Theories and Models in Marketing Strategy: Case of So Fair" is a delightful example of a case study on marketing. Every organization will always want to win the market place. This normally requires managers to equip themselves with all aspects of marketing strategies starting from formulation, all the way to execution. Marketing management, in this case, means understanding competitors and customers, building customer relationships by creating value and developing brand strategies (Aeker, 2005). A firm that has in-depth knowledge of creating customer value is well placed to succeed and sustain its profits.

This is because of competition, market forces, consumers and technology influence the way a company markets its products and services (Hooley & Nicolaud, 2012). This calls for every business company to employ principles of effective strategic marketing management. This is because strategic marketing management is critical in building a winning formula for an organization that wants to realize market leadership. It further helps a company to enhance its profitability and sustainable growth (Aeker, 2005). The company in focus here is So Fair. This is a social enterprise company located at Southampton Solent University.

The company is an initiative to help fair-trade organizations in third world countries by using graduates to develop marketing plans and sales activities (Moshirian, 2012). Currently, the company is involved in assisting a small textile workshop in Southern India. The workshop is run by women in a Tsunami devastated village of Pondicherry. The company has a long-term plan of reaching a level whereby the interns and volunteers can maintain a self-funding social enterprise where students can learn the techniques, joys and pitfalls of managing a small firm before starting their own businesses (Moshirian, 2012).

This dream is also meant to extend to a level of offering scholarships at Southampton Solent University. So air is entirely run by interns and volunteers that the university ha employed. So Fair is a company that ventures in the selling of handmade bags. The bags are made by widows affected by the tsunami and they use 100% cotton. Such bags include shopping bags, shopping bags without gussets, haversack bags and drawstring bags of different sizes. The organization's ethical aim is to help the unprivileged widows in India create a life for themselves (Moshirian, 2012).

This is done by raising awareness in third-world countries about their abilities. The project is also meant to give students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. The company does about its operations by looking for potential customers from different parts of the world and areas like churches. Once the company has identified a potential customer, an order is made to India for the bags. The women in India send the bags to Southampton for sale.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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