Essays on Elements of SMARTER Framework, Boag & Son's SMARTER Goals, Formal and Informal Controls Case Study

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The paper “ Elements of SMARTER Framework, Boag & Son's SMARTER Goals, Formal and Informal Controls” is an impressive example of a case study on management. A SMARTER framework of goal-setting seeks to add value to the earlier SMART framework by including emotional aspects to goal setting in order to ensure smoother implementation. The main aim of goal setting has improved the performance of a corporate entity. With regards to the SMARTER goal-setting framework, it mainly founded on the need to have emotional resonance apart from setting practical and achievable goals. The elements of SMARTER framer are as follows; SpecificGoals must be straight forward and sensible not vague.

A goal must be positive and written in definitive statements that will indicate clarity. The specific goal allows the implementer to have focused energy and attention consequently making the attainment of the goal easy. MeasurableA goal must be clearly measurable by a simple performance metric so that there will be a signal after its achievement. The implementation of a goal must at any given time provide some concrete measurement metric that will allow for the assessors to know the progress of the goals. Achievable and accountableA goal must be realistic and attainable not a reflection of dreams and aspirations.

An achievable goal must have been tested through the potential obstacles so that its attainment is assured. For a goal to be achieved there should be accountability on the part of the implementer so that clear status is received. Achievement strategies for a goal are imperative under the smarter framework of goal-setting since it provides a realistic approach with regards to the feasibility of the project objective. RelevantA goal must be relevant to the problem being solved just a statement of desired results; a goal must be able to drive the attainment of a given corporate vision.

Relevant goals must be with the overall project objectives or corporate strategy and hence meeting the company’ s needs and aspirations. Time-boundWorking within no time bounds might be unrealistic but a smart goal must have deadlines that must fit into the project timeline. Timelines in goal setting provide a concrete foundation for the implementation of the goals and assign priority levels to a goal.

Deadlines also provide the necessary impetus to implement a goal since it provides a sense of urgency required for a particular result. EnthusiasmAttaching emotional resonance to a goal is very essential for easy implementation. Where the goal has ignited enthusiasm on the team members then its implementation will be eased. Enthusiasm provides excitement while implementing the goals consequently imbuing the necessary motivation to the implementation team. RewardA goal must be rewarded. The implementer of a goal must feel a fulfilling urge to undertake the goal since there will be gains associated with its completion.

Also rewarding a goal refers to the provision of the necessary resources that will facilitate its implementation consequently making it realizable (Kapferer, 2002). J. Boag& Son SMARTER GoalsJ. Boag& Son’ s corporate strategy of launching its premium beer in Western Australia requires smart and strategic goals in order to ensure that the product launch is a success. Smart goals must take into consideration the strength of the company and also its weaknesses. According to McGrath (2006), product launch involves fighting for the market share, competitor’ s actions and ultimately improving the profitability of the market segment.

The following are some of the smarter goals for J. Boag& Son in order for the company to achieve its corporate strategy.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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