Essays on What Benefits Are There for Internet Marketers Using Google Plus Literature review

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The paper “ What Benefits Are There for Internet Marketers Using Google Plus? " is a motivating example of a literature review on marketing. Marketing has been perceived as being part of everyday life. This is based on the fact that each and every commercial enterprise and majority of non-commercial activities undertake some form of marketing. This is aimed at achieving a competitive niche and promote their products and services or to disseminate some information concerning some public or environmental good towards transforming the people’ s behavior (Victoria University of Wellington, 2008, p. 1).

Internet marketing has achieved extensive popularity among marketers in recent decades, mostly with the advent of social networks. This popularity is founded on diverse benefits that online marketers derive from the E-marketing platform, most of which will be explored in the subsequent analysis. Against this background, this paper is a profound effort to analyze the benefits that internet marketers derive from using Google Plus, a form of the social network. Ability to reach an increasingly fragmented marketIt is an apparent fact that the use of the internet has heightened among diverse populations around the globe, mostly with the advent of new technological know-how.

This fact is supported by Garrison (2003, p. 2) who cited a recent report which revealed that 34% of the overall households in the world have a web connection which translates to approximately above 1/3 and this trend is heightening every day. On a more imperative dimension, an even larger percentage of businesses are now online. This means that people have greater access to social networks like Google Plus which can be robust platforms for marketing. One of the chief benefits for internet marketers in using Google plus is founded on its functionality. Pegoraro (2011, p 1) noted that the new Google+ is aimed at offering heightened choices to share what is on the marketer’ s mind and at the same time see what is on everybody else.

But perhaps the most fascinating feature of this site is the ability to group friends into ‘ circles’ . The Marketing Zen Group (2011, p. 3) supported this fact by citing that one of the most well-executed features in Google+ is Circles, a mechanism which permits users to organize all the contacts into particular categories or groups, for instance, work colleagues, family, friends, and acquaintances among others. The major tenet behind the circles is that social networks should not be founded on the necessity of sharing information with a mass quantity of people, but instead, should focus and target particular social groups for different topics (The Marketing Zen Group, 2011, p.

3). Against this backdrop, internet marketers are endowed with the ability to conveniently and effectively reach a market that is highly fragmented in terms of age, culture and social class among other characterizations through disseminating the right product information to the right sub-group.

In addition, the marketer can get regular responses from these groups through the updates feature. Nonetheless, it is imperative to be cognizant of the fact that this necessitates a high degree of decision making in regard to the grouping criteria in order to get the right outcomes from the internet marketing venture. Klein, Moon, and Hoofman (2006, p. 71) determined that when experienced decision-makers are confronted by non-routine and complex problems, they engage collection and critical evaluation of the available evidence, seek consistency, and test the assumptions underlying their assessment of the problem.

In this regard, internet marketers can greatly benefit from Google plus if they make the right decision in their grouping processes aimed at reaching out to a highly fragmented market.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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