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The paper "Singapore Airlines Analysis" is an amazing example of a Business case study.   A theatre analogy is an approach through which services provided to the consumer base is evaluated based on a theatre case study and example. In this case, the services are evaluated and based on how much would be offered and administered in a theatre. Under the theatre, the key stakeholders in service delivery are the performers and the audience. In this regard, the performers play a key role in providing the service, which is often represented by acting and performing plays and other performance genres for the audience entertainment.

On the other hand, the audience represents the service recipients who pay their money and sacrifice time to attend such performances in exchange for leisure, entertainment, and satisfaction. Therefore, a theatre service provision analogy describes the principles of service providers that include provider devotion, service quality, and audience willingness to pay for quality services. In this case, the analogy holds that if service providers are willing to offer quality services in the market, then recipients are willing to replicate through increased payments for such services reception.

This approach could be applied to evaluate and analyze John’ s travel case study. In the case study, the Singapore Airlines Company serves as the service provider. In this regard, the airline offers a range of services including the core service of air travel as that offered to John and his son Jack for their flight from Manchester to Singapore. Moreover, the corporation offers services such as air travel services through its cabin crew and hospitality services through its restaurants and bars at the airport. On the other hand, the passengers, in this case, study, John and son Jack, accompanied by other mentioned passengers such as the two Manchester University students, represent the service recipients.

Their satisfaction and payment of services offered are based on the quality and nature of the offered services. For instance, John was pleased with the services offered by the cabin crew in the airplane making the services worth paying for and satisfying.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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