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Report and Justification Report IntroductionKiandra IT is the leading IT company in Australia that is listed in top 20 as one of the most suitable workplace and placed top 5 in category of employers in IT sector (Kiandra IT 2010). The company has offered best quality IT solutions to firms of various sizes for more than 15 years. Kiandra IT has the capacity to handle any IT need through highly skilled team of web designers, software developers and computer engineers. The company won the Microsoft Worldwide Partner award in 2009. Effective communication is means of support to every organization and it is concerned with information transfer.

Communication results to be effective if it develops required impression on the other person and aids in attaining all desired objectives. An effective communication must be meaningful, precise and clear. The information is required to be passed between organizations and persons with an aim to inform, to persuade or request and to establish goodwill. World of today has changed at an increasing rate from age of industries to an information age. Effective communication is the base on which growth of an organization highly relies on.

The recent technology is both entertaining and helpful tool that is utilized for communication. A website has been found to be tool of communication that is paper free and cost effective. However, a lot of websites are poorly designed and hardly communicate crucial information let alone acquiring returning visitors. Kushal (2007, p. 19) indicates that Locker and Kaczmarek’s PAIBOC principles are utilized as the basis of establishing effective communication. The PAIBOC represents short form of purpose, audience, information, benefits, objections and context. The objective: To propose and justify the strategy that will be used to attract high school students to career in field of IT. Website In an effort to offer the cutting edge and quality technology, to constantly provide competitive advantage and real value to the customers, the company is going to develop a strategy that is aimed to attract high school students to career of IT.

This will also be in line of making sure that there will be no shortage of professionals who are vital to its operations.

Website will be the strategy that will be used by Kiandra IT to effectively communicate with its, high school students, targeted audiences. The company will collaborate with Australian universities that offer IT degree courses in endeavors of developing effective website. According to Australian Education Network (2010), Universities that will be involved include; university of Melbourne, university of Sydney, university of Queensland, Australian National University and University of Canberra among other universities that offer IT degree courses. All high schools will be involved in the development of this strategy where this website will be linked with the institutional websites.

The company will develop a website that will effectively communicate with high school students by incorporating attractive graphics with clear messages. The website will be named as ‘IT Career, the Future for High School Graduates’. The benefits for choosing IT profession will be featured in the content which will include information on attractive salaries, bonuses, fun and flexibility of workplace offered. The website will also be linked with Facebook, RSS feeds, You Tube and Twitter so that many students can be able to follow its events.

Various opportunities that are offered by the IT organization will be accessible by students through website and will include; IT infrastructure, software, products and technology and business perspective. According to Kiandra IT (2010), IT infrastructure involves infrastructure management and design, development of IT strategy, server upgrade, installation and migration, email security and filtering, and technical support. Opportunities through software solutions will be featured and includes development of software, websites and web applications, systems of content management, database development, ecommerce and online stores, recovery of project, business intelligence and data warehousing.

The products and technologies list is; remote access, automated email storage, Microsoft Sharepoint, server and platforms development, and apple solutions. Business perspective opportunities included are; IT outsourcing, software business systems and IT certification and partner experience. Students will be attracted by success stories and case studies of Kiandra IT organisation. The cases and stories available on the website are online superannuation calculator, management system for flexivision television station- channel 31, enotefile-filing and notetaking freeware, Fosters- management system of fleet, Victorian police bank and road management system (Kiandra IT 2010).

The website will offer list of Australian universities that offer IT degree courses and every institution will sell itself so as to attract high school students to pursue the course. Information Technology degree course from Australian universities provide students with the high quality readiness for market in the ever growing industry of computer (Australian Education Network 2010). Student will be able to learn that courses in IT is a general term for courses in artificial intelligence, knowledge management, technologies in computer network, software development, informatics and computer science.

A degree in IT offers employment as test analyst, business analyst, system administrator, system analyst, data base administrator, networking specialist, IT architect, technical support, software developer or applications programmer. These are professions that are very much attractive to students in high school.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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