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The paper "Kiandra IT Justification" is an outstanding example of a business assignment. Kiandra IT is the leading IT company in Australia that is listed in the top 20 as one of the most suitable workplaces and placed top 5 in the category of employers in the IT sector (Kiandra IT 2010). The company has offered the best quality IT solutions to firms of various sizes for more than 15 years. Kiandra IT has the capacity to handle any IT needs through a highly skilled team of web designers, software developers and computer engineers.

The company won the Microsoft Worldwide Partner award in 2009. Effective communication is means of support to every organization and it is concerned with information transfer. Communication results are effective if it develops the required impression on the other person and aids in attaining all desired objectives. Effective communication must be meaningful, precise and clear. The information is required to be passed between organizations and persons with an aim to inform, persuade or request and establish goodwill. The world of today has changed at an increasing rate from age of industries to the information age.

Effective communication is the basis on which the growth of an organization highly relies on. The recent technology is both an entertaining and helpful tool that is utilized for communication. A website has been found to be the tool of communication that is paper-free and cost-effective. However, a lot of websites are poorly designed and hardly communicate crucial information let alone acquiring returning visitors. Kushal (2007, p. 19) indicates that Locker and Kaczmarek’ s PAIBOC principles are utilized as the basis of establishing effective communication.

The PAIBOC represents the short form of purpose, audience, information, benefits, objections and context. The objective: To propose and justify the strategy that will be used to attract high school students to a career in the field of IT. Website In an effort to offer the cutting edge and quality technology, to constantly provide competitive advantage and real value to the customers, the company is going to develop a strategy that is aimed to attract high school students to career of IT.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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