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The paper 'The Experiences of a Field Trip to Melbourne Convention and Events Centre" is a good example of a management case study. The areas of operations management are concerned with designing, overseeing and regulating the area of production and make the necessary adjustments in the operations of a business to ensure that only quality services are delivered to the customers. This sector of management is always committed to ensuring that all operations in the business are effective and few resources are used for high-quality services to the clients.

In the commercial context, the operations management team is highly linked to the senior management team. This is because the senior management team designs the strategy and allows the operations team to make tactical decisions to achieve desired targets for the company. As much as this area is important to any other business, it central to the area of tourism as it directly depends on the experience of clients with both the managerial team and the environment in which they are hosted. Operations managers in this field should thereby listen to customers’ testimonial s and keep readjusting to ensure that they achieve standard services that will keep drawing customers to the specific site (Levinson & Horowitz, 2010).

In any company, different levels of management are not entirely distinct as tactical information in every department informs the company’ s and it is often to see people moving between different roles. This paper discusses the experiences of a field trip to Melbourne Convention and Events Centre, analyses the effectiveness of the operations management team in the site and makes commends on its and the areas that need adjustments (Kamauff, 2009). Melbourne Convention and Events Centre To complete this analysis, the group visited the Melbourne convention and exhibition centre which is placed adjacent to River Yarra on the south of Wharf in Australia.

This center which hosts thousands of huge exhibitions including annual events was opened in 1996.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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