Essays on Total Quality Management Assignment

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The paper "Total Quality Management " is an outstanding example of a management assignment. The actions of the hostess were not consistent with the philosophy of customer-focused quality. The services offered by the hostess were not customers focused as they failed to consider the needs of the market as a client. The quality of the services delivered can be determined by the ability to meet the needs and the expectations of the customers. The expectations of Mark were not met as he was expecting to get high-quality services from the downtown hotel.

Besides, the way the hostess was reacting to mark could not ensure excellent service excellence. The services of the hostess were poor considering the services that the market received. Even after Mark missed the reservation, the hostess seemed not to care about the experience of Mark as one of the customers in the organization. The philosophy of customer-focused quality embraces high-quality services that can help in meeting the expectations of the customers, but the hostess failed in meeting the needs of the mark. The customer-focused quality philosophy is primarily aimed at making sure that the needs of the customers are met.

The quality of services offered is determined by the service provider where it can be assessed while considering the best way of meeting customer expectations. In the services industry, the service encounter between the service provider and the customer is responsible for determining the level of satisfaction. The focus on the customers is important in ensuring the services offered can meet the client’ s needs (Dale, 2015). It is through the client's focus that an organization can make sure that the service delivery considers the needs of the clients.

Any organization that has a customer focus is likely to consider the interests of the customers in its operations. It is clear in the hotel the operations were not focusing on the needs of the customers considering the way the hostels treated mark after missing the reservation.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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