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The paper "Lenovo’ s Transnational Campaign" is an outstanding example of a marketing assignment.   Lenovo Company has grown over the years into one of the biggest Computer technology firms globally. Having its headquarters in China, the company is most famous for the development of its personal computer. However, Lenovo strives to increase its market share and higher positioning in comparison to its competitors in every market it has ventured in as well as establishing new markets. In a bid to strengthen its globalization strategy, Lenovo purchased the person systems division of IBM along with The “ Think Pad” brand Name.

This move has allowed the Lenovo to raise its brand awareness across the global (De Mooij, 2010). Lenovo has earned some repute in the global market as a global applications company that has its packaging plants that over seven countries, as well as the cooperation plant in various other countries. The Brand Potential Lenovo is predominantly a Chinese firm and in the domestic market, the company enjoys a huge market share, which is estimated at 21 percent of that computer market base. The company is significantly popular in comparison to most of that its competitors within the industry.

In the international market, Lenovo has continued to acquire a good positioning concerning the sale of personal computers surpassing other industry players such as Hewlett-Packard and that Dell. According to that EUROMINOTOR, Lenovo is ranked at a first position in the globe in the world in the line of sales and marketing of those personal computers (De Mooij, 2010). However, Lenovo enjoys a strong brand perception in China but high completion from brands such as Apple that are constantly developing new strategies to win over the Chinese marketing is threatening the company’ market share in China The Brand Potential Strengths • Lenovo is known for the development of that good quality product • The company enjoys Strong Brand awareness globally and has a traditional good reputation in domestic and global market • The company through its research and design department has been able t diversify its product lines that • The enjoys an expanding global market through its marketing strategy • Lenovo enjoys good public relations management as well as sponsorships. Weaknesses • The company utilizes single marketing that channels the in which its services, as well as products, are sold through that monopolized stores • Products manufactured are relatively expensive. Opportunities • With the global demand towards technology increase the company is set on becoming a leading brand in the world of computers development • With the rise of specializing business, Lenovo has the capability to increase its market share through its specialization in computer development • The company seeks to explore the European market in countries such as England, France Italy and among others. Threats • Globalization has led to the development of cheaper products that as well as accessibility, leaving Lenovo’ s market share at threat due to its highly-priced product. • There are market protection regulations in some countries that constrain the penetration strategy Question 2: Global Branding Strategy In the evaluation of the advertising strategy to be adopted, the multinational marketing strategy is most appropriate in the case of that Lenovo.

Reviewing the past Marketing trends used by Lenovo shows that the company does not want to be associated with its home country that is China (Gershon, 2013). The reason may be the international attitude towards a product from China concerning Fake products.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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