Essays on Travel Plans and Market Segmentation Assignment

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The paper "Travel Plans and Market Segmentation" is a wonderful example of an assignment on tourism. Day one (30th August 2012) Arrive at the Marco Polo airport in Mestre city just outside Venice city at 11:00 am on Thursday. At 12:00 am, a taxi from Marco Polo airport to Venice city will be available to take you to the Hotel Venice Villa Dori. The taxi costs 30 pounds which is inclusive of a guide explaining the history of some of the oldest buildings stretched all the way from Mestre city to Venice City.

This should take about an hour. At 2:00 pm arrive and check-in at the Hotel Venice Villa Dori at the heart of Venice city. This cost’ s about 70 pounds per head per day. This fee is inclusive of breakfast at the hotel's dining hall. At 4:00 pm take your Venice card at the hotels' reception. This card goes for 100 pounds per head. This card gives you access to public transportation, toilet access, museum entries, Alilaguna’ s just to name a few. The card will be used throughout your stay in Venice to access any of the above-mentioned facilities.

Start with an Alilaguna ride across the Grand Canal. This canal is full of rich history and will give you a clear view of some of the most amazing structures around Venice town. The urban landscaping is guaranteed to astound you with a lot of architecture along the canal also. At 6:00, return to the hotel for a while. At 7:00, use the Venice card access public transportation, which will take you to the Savanna floating restaurant for a quiet romantic dinner. This buffet includes a wide variety of Italian delicacies that will absolutely wet your pallets. Day two (Friday 31st of August) At 7:30, have breakfast at the hotels dining hall At 9:00, head off to follow Casanova’ s footsteps.

Casanova was one of the most romantic men that ever lived. This experience is guaranteed to strengthen your love for each other. Here you get to realize your love for each other through the eyes of Casanova. This activity is free as all you need is your Venice card to get you there. At 12:30, board an Alilaguna that will take you to the Oltre IL Giardino hotel for some nice Italian seafood with a variety of accompaniments. At 3:00, take a gondola to the At 5:00 head over to the pigeon's corner and feed them.

There is nothing like being surrounded by hundreds of pigeons waiting for you to feed them. This is an out of this world experience. At 6:30, enjoy a sunset dinner at the Alla skaer hotel. This will cost 15 pounds for two people and it is inclusive of their infamous ice cream delight. The wide variety of ice cream flavors that are served at this hotel will leave you spoilt for choice. At 9:00, head over to the Alle Testire for some of the world’ s most famous wines.

Unwind to some cool Italian music as you reminisce. The wine price varies from 15 pounds to 100 pounds depending on which wine you want. Day three (Saturday 1st of September)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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