Essays on Entrepreneurship Strategies for EHG Corporation Ltd Case Study

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The paper "Entrepreneurship Strategies for EHG Corporation Ltd" is a perfect example of a business case study. EHG Corporation Ltd is a development of technology dynamics that has seen it influence the social networking phenomena, management software and computer programming. The company is based in Sydney, New South Wales. EHG Corporation Limited was initially called Ellect Holdings Limited. The entity engages in the distribution and development of payment products electronically. The corporation runs with one hundred percent ownership by Intellect Australia Pty Ltd, an Australian subsidiary. It has 83 employees. Success in business entrepreneurship is showcased by transformative changes that borrow a new business idea to the stratosphere. Entrepreneurship Subcommittee Members Steve Nicols (Chair) Adam Blumenthal Greg Cornelsen Ian Morgan Warren McClelland Allan C.

Sullivan Jane Howard Hellen Moore Vision: Participate in creating a strong, flexible, IT infrastructure in Sydney, while sustaining an infrastructure that will support business entrepreneurs and new start-up businesses in information technology. Mission: Provide flexible and unique value-added software solutions that meet client needs and customized to their expectations. Strategy: The Australian economy especially in Sydney is set to grow in the direction of small businesses, especially in the software development discourse.

The company is essential in supporting the creation, attraction and enhancement of software business consuming its products and services. The purpose of setting up an entrepreneurship initiative is to enable EHG Corporation; 1. Provide hardware and software solutions for all users in the city that will aid them in honing the skills crucial for fundamental entrepreneurial activities. The key issues will be the identification and recognition of opportunities that lead the firm into an entrepreneurial entity. The plan will be developed and implemented to generate products and/or services. 2. The corporation will be able to manage risks through effective financial management and skilled market analysis. 3.

The company will share the wealth with its employees, thus extending economic advantages to the company.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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