Essays on Trader Joes Exemplary Service Case Study

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The paper "Trader Joes’ Exemplary Service" is a wonderful example of a case study on business. I recently got sorted by Trader Joe’ s which is an American specialty as well as a privately held grocery chain. Trader Joe’ s core business is stocking as well as selling items, with 80% of them bearing one of its own trademark names. They retail in such products as gourmet foods, vegetarian foods, imported foods, unique frozen foods, organic foods, imported and domestic beer and wine as well, as staples such as cereals, bread, eggs, coffee, dairy as well as produce.

Trader Joe’ s also stocks non-food items such as household cleaners, pet food, flowers, and plants as well as personal hygiene items.   The situation was actually a request. My fiancé e and I were snowed in the campsite during the holidays. Being away from town, we were worried that we were not going to have access to enough food because of the coming storm as well as bad weather in the region. After calling several stores in a desperate effort to look for someone who would deliver to us at our campsite, we finally reached Trader Joe’ s… they told us that they usually do not deliver… generally.

However, due to the prevailing circumstance, they told us that they would happily deliver directly to where we were and even made suggestions on other products that would perfectly fit with the kind of weather we were in. After we placed the order, the Customer Care Representative (CSR) told us that we need not worry about the price: they would deliver free of charge and that she hoped we would have a merry Christmas.

In less than half an hour the food was at our campsite, paid in full! I interacted directly with customer service over the phone. Actually, I never used any of their self-services. My expectation was that they would at least send the food over. The CSR actually set my expectations and completely exceeded them. The CSR was quick to offer a solution and demonstrated not only a can-do and caring attitude but also we are here for you anytime you need us-kind of attitude. The CSR not only went the extra mile, but she also ensured that the food has been safely delivered, at no charge at all!

She took charge and ownership of the situation and exceeded our expectations. Trader Joe’ s must maintain that kind of service to its customers. That was an awesome service and one that raised the bar for other corporates to follow. The service left me satisfied and made me hold the grocery chain in very high regard. I felt really valued and cared for. If I were a manager, I would ensure there is a quick resolution of issues raised by customers, proper training of staff on how to handle customers, as well as trying as much as possible to act on the terms of the customers in an endeavor to enhance our customer care experience.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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