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IntroductionTesco is the largest retail group in Britain and operates in numerous countries. Its global presence covers the United States, Asia and Europe. The company is also the world’s biggest e-retailer with a yearly turnover of I billion dollars. The company caters for food, but for the past years it has expanded its services to electronics, clothing, telecom services and broadband services. Due to changes in business environment and intense competition Tesco has recognized it requires new skills in order to survive. Thus the company has strategically incorporated human resources into its overall plan and managers are utilizing human resource aspects in their decision making.

The company has shown a great commitment in extended and basic training of employees which to ensure every employee has an opportunity to understand their role in the organization. Task 1Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) in an organisation with special reference to Tesco using different theoretical perspectivesStrategic human resource management is the linking of human resource with strategic objectives and goals so as to improve business performance and promote organizational culture that fosters competitive advantage, flexibility and innovation.

In TESCO, SHRM implies accepting and involving the human resource function as a strategic partner in the implementation of the organization’s strategies via human resource activities like selection, recruitment, training and rewarding personnel. SHRM is important in TESCO because it is concerned with management of human resources in manners that will support the TESCO’s strategy and lead to the attainment of organizational goals (Millmore, 2007). SHRM also takes a long term perspective on the way human resources might be matched to the requirements of the organization and takes into consideration broader matters like the quality and commitment of employees to the organization.

According to Boxall, ( 2007), the resource based perspective of SHRM represent strategy of the TESCO as being basically dependent on the firm’s resources. This perspective stresses that the resources of the organization whether tangible or intangible such as assets, brand name and customer loyalty are a significant and major aspect when pursuing or performing a distinctive strategic position for the organization. The behavioral perspective of human resource management considers employee behavior as the mediator between organizational performance and strategy.

This hypothesis holds that the aim of human resource involvement is to regulate the behaviors and attitudes of employees to suit the numerous strategies adopted to achieve desired performance in TESCO. The systems perspective of HR management describes TESCO in terms of input, throughput and output with all the systems engaged in transaction within a surrounding environment. The role of SHRM in systems perspective competence management to make sure that the workforce possesses the needed competencies like ability and skills to offer the input required by the organization (Wright, 2010). Purpose of SHRM activities in the organisation on the need for the HRs to create real valueStrategic human resource management is a value added core task that aligns the human resource system, practices and policies with business strategy in order to attain sustained competitive advantage for the organization.

In performing the role of business and strategic partner, the human resource professional should think outside the conventional organizational box of human resource management and create a highly systemic and radically diverse approach to manage human element to efficiently support the formulation and implementation of the organization’s business strategy.

For successful implementation of the role of business partner, the human resource manager is required to understand the organization’s direction along with its competitive position within the market place (Lawler & Mohrman, 2003).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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