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The paper 'Knowledge Management System - Telstra" is a good example of a management case study. The concept of Knowledge management as defined by Cortada & Woods (1999) is very important to the growth of an organization and it is on this basis that this paper considers its importance to Telstra very critical as it would have prevented the safety concern about asbestos. This paper has presented the NBN case and the issues of knowledge management within Telstra. The central concept of the paper seeks to establish the critical role that knowledge management plays on organizational performance especially as regards retaining knowledge to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

In so doing, the paper uses Knowledge mapping as the key methodology to analyze the case as the methodology assists in giving an overview of the available and missing knowledge in the core business areas of Telstra and this will help the management to make appropriate knowledge management decisions. Introduction The concept of knowledge management according to Cortada & Woods (1999) is normally used to indicate the management of the different values and needs of a company where it is understood in the confines of its sources, needs, and usage.

By definition, Knowledge Management refers to the act of exploiting and harnessing intellectual capital with an aim of gaining customer commitment and competitive advantage through effective decision making, innovation, and efficiency (Cortada & Woods 1999). This concept is very critical to any organization as it provides a strategy that enables the successful completion of a given task. The purpose of this report tries to analyse and examine the knowledge held by Telstra and NBN Companies in the attempt to try and determine best practices in its usage to ensure successful completion of the task identified by the NBN contractor. Background of the Case Study In December 2012, NBN Operations were stopped because of server complaints about the way the asbestos fibers were being used.

In this regard, Comcare conducted an investigation and identified that the problem occurred because of a case of Knowledge Management failure.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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