Essays on Useful Training for Airport Rescues Coursework

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The paper "Useful Training for Airport Rescues" is a good example of management coursework.   The research is aimed at establishing the useful training necessary for airport rescue. Airports are prone to many emergency accidents that require emergency response. In this research, the useful skills and training of airport personnel in various departments will be investigated. The most common accidents in an airport are fires from a plane crash during landing. These accidents are fatal and the rescue is aimed at saving lives. The airport fires are very dangerous as they involve very high temperatures; training in the rescue should, therefore, put into consideration these unique characteristics of airport fires. The research will be carried out in Chicago international Airport and the research methodology will be the secondary qualitative data in disaster management and response in an airport.

Questionnaires will also be issued to the airport personnel, that is, the management, staff and workers in the airport. The questionnaires filled by the different individual will be based on the useful training in the rescue techniques and skills in an airport. (Commanders, 2003) The results that will be obtained from this research will be disseminated for the improvement of training of the airport rescue team to minimize casualties in case of an emergency and save lives of the passengers.

The research will also be useful to the rescuers because the proposal will help in improving their training and facilities for a rescue that will look for their safety. (Hough, 2005) It will also be provided to any other interested party, for example, the general public on how they can respond to emergencies in an airport and help the rescue team to save many victims if not all in an occurrence of an accident.

The recommendation for this research is for all airports in the state and the world to adopt useful rescue training for their staff in order to save the tragedy of fires and other accidents in an airport. Introduction Airports have the most dangerous accidents which over the years have claimed a number of lives. The accidents that are most common are fires that are inevitable in every accident that involve a plane crash. The reason why fires are common in the airports is because of the nature of the fuel that propels the plane's engine.

The combustion of these fuels is vigorous and they burn at temperatures above 4000° F. Special training in the rescue of such fires is necessary if at all lives have to be saved. The destruction of these fires is intense within a flash of time and rescue response should also be very fast and effective. It is also dangerous for the rescuers themselves and hence need special training. In the training offered in the airport rescue, priority is given to the lives of people and not property as it is difficult to save a plane at this situation.

Evacuation is also done within the first three minutes of the accident and beyond three minutes, no life can be saved at this extreme temperature. (Innes and Clarke, 2002)

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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