Essays on Uses and Gratifications of Facebook Assignment

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The paper "Uses and Gratifications of Facebook" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. A maximum  advantage from a survey can be garnered if the questionnaire which is developed is correct, circulated among the correct sample space, the correct sampling size is selected and the method which is used for collecting information from the participants is appropriate. Adhering to the different needs and requirements of a questionnaire helps to gather maximum information in the shortest possible time. This report analyzes a questionnaire which has been drafted with the purpose of identifying the manner in which Facebook is being used by students in Australian Universities.

Conducting the research will help to understand the different factors through which Facebook can attract more and more users. Despite the main focus of the research the report will mainly look to examine the manner in which a questionnaire should be developed by analyzing a questionnaire which has already being developed; identification of the population size, sample size, sample methods and other aspect related to sampling; and finally deciding the different aspects which have to be considered while looking to design an online questionnaire.

The report will thereby present the different areas through which the effectiveness and efficiency of the research will improve and will help to identify a path through which better results can be achieved from the selected samples. 2.0 Analysis of Questionnaire Designing a questionnaire is one of the most important aspects while looking to carry out the research. An analysis of the questionnaire which has been developed for the research by the name “ Uses and Gratifications of Facebook” highlights the different questions which are to be asked across the sample. The questionnaire has a total of 26 questions which includes both open-ended questions, closed-ended questions, personal details questions and so on.

The questionnaire mostly focuses on close-ended questions as open-ended questions merely ask for numbers and will thereby won’ t be lengthy and will comprise of a few words. The questionnaire has further been segmented into different sections like self expression, social investigation, popularity, social connection, social media, and respondent information which tends to give a flow and helps the sample space to understand the basis on which it will be evaluated and provides an idea to the sample regarding the focus points so that they feel the questionnaire based on the information needed (Belson, 2001). The questionnaire further highlights a lot of double-barrel questions which should actually be divided into two parts and should not be culminated under a single head and should look towards ensuring that two questions are asked.

Some of the questions which tend to be highlighting the same are “ I would like to share my photos and status with my friend” This is matched by the fact that the questionnaire is not clear and has a lot of ambiguous words which raises doubts on clarity like Being active on Facebook I will be more famous among friends”

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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