Essays on Affirmative Action and Managing Cultural Diversity Challenge Case Study

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The paper "Affirmative Action and Managing Cultural Diversity Challenge" is a great example of a Management Case Study. With increased globalization around the world, it has become of utmost importance for organizations to come with systems that enable them to counter the challenges that come about as a result of internationalization. On this point, it is worth noting that more and more organizations are going global in a bid to tap into the international market. With the moves to go global, several challenges come up. One of the crucial challenges that organizations face while managing operations in the global scene are cultural differences.

There is always a need for an organization to align its services and services with the cultural practices of foreign countries. In addition to this, organizations have to come up with appropriate human resource management systems that enable them to harmonize a culturally diverse workforce. The following report illustrates a culture related problem in the organization. The report will analyze the problem and give two management approaches to contain it. The report will also recommend some solutions to the problems of the organization. The problem at the company is that there is a toxic cultural presence in the organization.

This problem has developed when the organization went global and it was reported by a general manager of an overseas branch. As a result of this, the organization was facing a challenge of reduced employee performance in addition to lower productivity. The symptoms of the toxic culture presence are several. One of them is that the relationship between the employees to diverse cultures is poor. The employees normally group together and work according to their cultures.

This has led to the formation of several teams in the organization. Secondly, employees of different cultures rarely get along with each other well. The human resources manager has to intervene several so as to calm violent situations between the employees. Thirdly, there is a lack of a shared vision within the organization. Employees of diverse cultures seem to work for various causes. The key to their aims is to achieve their individual cultural concerns. There is a need to solve this problem sooner than later.

The above symptoms are an indication of a lack of good cultural diversity management. If the problem is left unsolved, it could increase in degree and ultimately lead to negative impacts on the company. One of the effects of the unresolved problem is reduced employee performance. The organization is already experiencing some degree of this problem. If the root cause of this problem is not solved, the organization is due to be associated with unproductive employees. This would ultimately lead to a reduced performance of the organization. On this point, it is important to note that any negative effect of the problem on human resources leads to a negative effect on the organization’ s performance.

Lastly, the problem is due to paint a bad image of the organization in the market. On this point, it can be acknowledged that the face of an organization, commonly known as Mianzi in Asian management systems, has a very important role to play in an organization’ s success.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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