Essays on Bupa Organization - Private Health Insurance Provider in Australia and New Zealand Case Study

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The paper "Bupa Organization - Private Health Insurance Provider in Australia and New Zealand" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   In Australia, most citizens who pay income tax that means all the employed Australians make a contribution of 2% Medicare levy to the public hospital system. This is an entitlement to public hospital care as a public patient. Public hospitalization comes with limitations, for instance, the patient does not enjoy the privilege to choose doctors, and admission is mostly in teaching hospitals where it’ s highly populated and chances are; you may be administered by a trainee medical staff which is not what most people prefer.

Public hospital care also comes with long waiting lists. (Pearson, 2014) Ability to choose one’ s own most preferred hospital, enjoy the privacy of a private room, having one’ s own surgeon at a time most convenient to the patient, a nice meal and a glass of wine only come when you choose a private cover. (Pearson, 2014) This research entails on Bupa organization which is a private health insurance provider in Australia and New Zealand.

Bupa is a leading healthcare provider internationally with a purpose to enable its customer’ s live healthier and longer while healthy and happy. The main purpose of Bupa is to ensure its customer’ s health and happiness by providing better health services. Bupa not only wants people to live longer but also healthier, happier and with a sense of wellbeing. Bupa’ s values are: caring about people’ s wellbeing and health, respecting people’ s privacy, dignity and individuality, ethically sane to the people’ s and environment’ s interests, enabling people to make proper decisions by providing proper advice and providing solutions, dedication in the provision on proper services in a professional way to reach greater heights, and most of all accountable for efficiency, quality and value. Different people are looking for various options in healthcare insurance.

Someone may be after value for money and benefits that fit the changing needs, another person may be looking for a health care that is concerned and readily available to provide advice at all times, a mother needs tailor-made healthcare for the whole family, a travelling dad needs a health cover that is easy to manage at any time of the day or night, and older people need a healthcare provider that is able to provide tools and support at all times for a healthier life at old age.

Bupa has it all. Bupa’ s global presence: Bupa is an international organization with branches all over the world. It is Australia’ s largest privately managed health insurer with over 3.5 million customers’ , over 100 retail centers, over 60 aged care homes and over 4,300 aged care residents. Bupa New Zealand has over 47 aged care homes, over 3001 aged care residents, over 16 specialized dementia care centers, over 18 retirement villages and over 11001 medical alarms. In the USA, Health Dialog is a leading provider of healthcare analytics and decision support, in Spain, Santa’ s is Spain’ s leading health insurer, with over 2 million customers, in the UK, it is the largest healthcare provider with over 2.8 million customers, in Hong Kong, there are over 280,000 customers, international health insurance partnering with All trust Insurance Company, 160,000 customers in Latin America and Caribbean and slowly encroaching Mexico, one of the largest health insurers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia with over 1.2 million customers, Max Puta partnering with Max India in Bihar, leading corporate and individual health insurer in Thailand with over 250,000 customers.



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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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