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Essays on Wal-Mart's Goals, SWOT Analysis, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Mix, Introducing New Service Delivery Systems Case Study

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The paper "Wal-Mart’ s Goals, SWOT Analysis, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Mix, Introducing New Service Delivery Systems” is an  impressive example of a case study on marketing. Recently, organizations have established a system of sharing their mission statement which is to be applied across a strategic framework. This is important as it enables organizations to achieve their goals and objectives and also enables the organization to have a better position in the market. Nelson (2009) describes that identifying and communicating the company’ s mission statement, vision, goals, and plans engages employees, therefore, facilitating future accomplishments.

This study shows Wal-Mart, which is a major hypermarket in the U. S and how it tracks customer preferences, target market, and positioning strategies. It also shows how the company connects its strategies to achieve effectiveness. According to Sandra and Roy (1997), the importance of having a vision made Sam Walton come up with a discount store early in the 1950s. His idea was to open a discount store with wholesale margins on all products, one that would provide easy shopping and friendly customer service. The critical factor of the stores was to be introduced to small towns in order to improve low-income earners to save more.

There were three basic principles which include providing customers with a clean and friendly environment, partnering with various associates and maintaining community commitment. Wal-Mart is an American public multinational company and in 2010 it was ranked as the world’ s largest company in revenue production. Charles (2006) states the company’ s mission is “ Giving ordinary people a chance to purchase the same goods as rich people. ” The company vision is “ To become a leader in retailing worldwide. ” The company was founded in 1962 also aims at helping people to save money in order to improve their living standards.

Wal-Mart also is said to be the largest private employer and the largest grocery retailer. Sandra and Roy (1997) show the company generates about 50 percent of sales from the grocery business and has therefore focused on opening more retail warehouses, for example, it owns about 8,500 stores which are located in more than 15 countries. Sandra and Roy (1997) show that Wal-Mart Company operates with a different name in various countries for example in Mexico it uses Walmex, in the UK it uses Asda and in India, it uses Best price.

Wal-Mart Company has also developed various places for example through job creation. It aims at creating about 10,000 jobs in Chicago by 2015. This plan was developed in order to promote community development and to enable more people to improve their life. It also advocates for zero rate waste. According to Charles (2006) Wal-Mart Company has eliminated about 80 percent of waste for example in California it has promoted environmental care.

The company has also donated about 5 million dollars for helping the victims of Japan’ s earthquake and tsunami. It has also partnered with Humana Medicare in order to provide savings on premiums and cost shares. Wal-Mart’ s mission is to enhance and integrate supplier diversity programs where it will be categorized in procurement practices. These practices advocate for minority people in society especially enabling women to open their own businesses. Some of the ingredients that have contributed to the success of Wal-Mart include the strengths and virtues of the company’ s founder.

This is due to his overriding vision and unchanging values. He also had the courage to take several business risks and strengths in motivating and inspiring employees and partners.

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