Essays on Interactive and Internet Marketing: Website Design Plan Assignment

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The paper "Interactive and Internet Marketing: Website Design Plan" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Online gaming is a fast-growing technology that allows players to participate in a game on a computer or a console connected to some kind of network and in particular the Internet. The technology allows people from different geographical locations to connect and compete remotely. The online games may be configured to accommodate multiple players or may just involve a single player. Web site marketing is the art of advertising or making known a product or service by putting the information regarding the product on the website page where potential buyers or audience can view it once they log on to the site.

There are several aspects that are considered when planning a website. The first and major thing is the objective of the website. This is the rationale behind the creation of the website and it acts as the determinant of the other aspects. The other factor considered in website planning is the targetted audience. Depending on the target, a web page design varies in terms of content, colors, graphics, and language.

An online game is one of the applications hosted on a website and designing such a website requires that the above factors be put into consideration. An online game meant for young kids may demand the website be designed using large and attractive fonts and graphics while a game meant for a specific gender may require the use of a certain range of colors and themes. Examples of online gaming websites are presented. This report is about a plan for the website, for an online game known as Marine Heroines. Most of the online games are designed with the aim of making profits and it is a fast-growing and promising business sector.

The players may be required to subscribe to the gaming website at a monthly fee or may be charged an entry fee for every time they log on to play the game. In modern times, companies are using online games as a bait to lure people, and especially their prospective customers to their websites. This is done by creating visually attractive animations and finding them a place in the most visited websites such as ezines, online newspapers, and journals.

An online game may be also developed with the purpose of conveying some message or as a form of training to a given group such as the military, teenagers, a religious group. The Marine Heroine is a new online game developed by the Strong Women Organization and organization that fights for the common rights of women in society. The game will be a tool to train young women and girls on some key measures of self-defense through participation in the game. Website Objectives: The main objective behind the development of the website which will bear the web address is to bring the game Marine Heroine to the public.

The game will work to give self-defensive skills to young women on some handy techniques of self-defense.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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