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College: Weekly Logs Week one 3/9 3/15 During my first week at Brazelia Med Spa in Boca Raton, FL, I was assigned the principal duty of organizing patients’ applications in alphabetic order. First, I went through the applications sorting them into distinctive categories based on the initial letter characterizing their indexed name. Indexing made it possible for me to place each application in its proper category. For better organization, I documented the system I used for alphabetic indexing. The principal lessons learnt throughout the week included the fact that alphabetic organization of documents makes it easy to access and return them with ease.

I also learnt that proper organization of files is vital to avoiding misplacement and guaranteeing ready availability. Week two 3/16/2014- 3/22/2014 In the course of the second week at the spa, I was allotted data recording duties. This task entailed filling out forms of important patient details. Some of the information I was required to document included patients’ names, dates of birth, phone numbers, and email addresses. I came to learn that proper patient records are vital for patient identification, admission to the spa and later follow up.

It was also apparent that proper records are important for reconstruction of every patient’s condition and treatment, since it is not guaranteed that a single physician or caregiver will be dealing with a patient throughout. Week three 3/23/2014- 3/29/2014 During the third week, I was inputting data into the spa’s patient system. In addition to the basic details like names, dates of birth, phone numbers, and email addresses, I was also feeding the system with information such as patients’ insurance coverage and modes of payment, occupation, and treatment regimens.

I got to learn basic elements about management of information databases. Further, I was able to perfect my skills in maintaining well-documented and accurate records. I learnt that database management is a crucial aspect of any establishment, since it ensures that information for use in execution of different operations is readily available. Week four 3/30/2014- 4/5/2014 In week four of the internship, I continued the previous week’s task of inputting important patient information in the system. I came to appreciate the increasing significance of electronic health records.

These records made it easy to learn about a patient and synchronize information from different departments for comprehensive service provision. Another crucial lesson learnt during this week is that the maintenance of electronic records is likely to pervade other sectors as well. The week’s tasks lay a foundation for me to learn about computerized data management systems, which is a trend that is increasing replacing conventional paper-based data management. Therefore, the skills I acquired in inputting data will undoubtedly come in handy when I get an actual job.

Week five 4/6/2014- 4/12/2014 During my fifth week of apprenticeship, I was posted at the reception area of the spa. My primary duties included confirming patients’ appointments, as I met and welcomed them to wait for physicians. I was also assigned the task of helping patients to reschedule their appointments, as requested. Other duties included maintaining the reception area by ensuring constant availability of periodicals and other reading materials, caring for office plants and dusting furniture. I got to learn about the primary attributes that enable one to maintain business professionalism, including being courteous and friendly, as well as, wielding proper communication skills.

Week six 4/13/2014- 4/19/2014 I continued working at the reception area during the sixth week. In addition to confirming and rescheduling patients’ appointments I was tasked with other duties. These obligations included answering the phone, transferring calls to relevant offices, taking down messages from callers, few cashier responsibilities and occasionally giving patients a tour of the health spa. I was also expected to inform staff members of any patient cancellations or arrival of visitors that were not in the schedule.

I was able to learn a lot about the basics of customer service and its contribution to the smooth functioning of a business venture. Week seven 4/20/2014- 4/26/2014 In week seven, I was posted to the spa’s insurance department. I did basic insurance related duties like obtaining patients’ insurance information, in order to help staff determine how they would be paying for services provided. Further, I interacted with patients, in order to answer their questions and provide them with information on how their insurance cover was covering their bills.

Through such interaction, I was able to advise patients on financial plans that they could apply to utilize their cover optimally. I learnt the basic aspects of insurance, and the need for accurate and complete information, in order to successfully post a claim or resolve emergent complaints. Week eight 4/27/2014- 5/3/2014 My eight week at the spa was spent in the financial department. Just like in the preceding week, I was tasked with basic accounting and financial management duties. For example, I was involved in maintain petty cash records for the spa.

This allowed me to serve a supportive role in effective management of the establishment’s monetary transactions. Further, I provided assistance in keying in financial data into the system, while performing basic calculations using applications like Excel. I was able to apply some of the financial management skills learnt theoretically to actual practice.

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