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Weekly Summary What are the most important concepts you learned this week? The most important concepts learned this week pertained to enhancing one’s knowledge and awareness on methods of collaboration, strategies for enhancing team performance, and having identified strategies for conflict resolution. These are all relevant and crucial topics in various endeavors and work settings. The concepts all manifest the need for a definition of a clear and unified goal for effective performance. The methods of collaboration, for example, focus on a clearly stated unified goal that would assist in designing strategies towards the attainment of the objective.

The strategies for enhancing team performance must consider group goals, the structure, roles and cohesiveness within the team that would contribute in the group’s productivity and performance. High performing teams are recognized to be influenced by components such as mission, goals, roles, leadership, communication, decision-making, procedures, climate, rewards and competence. Finally, the strategies and choice for conflict resolution is contingent on the situation. Consideration should be given to the balance between the benefits and costs, the need for constructive relationships, and the time available for conflicts to be resolved. 2.

How will you apply these conflicts in your educational, personal, and/or professional pursuits? The concepts learned are applicable in the academic, personal and professional pursuits in terms of determining resolution strategies when faced with conflict situations and in applying the appropriate skills that would ensure a more effective group and team performance. Through the various methods learned on collaboration and building team cohesiveness through sharing of group goals and defining group responsibilities, one’s skills in teambuilding and working as part of the group is significantly developed.

Conflict resolution strategies through negotiation, avoidance, collaboration, compromise, problem-solving and even third party mediation, when needed, were absorbed. One could therefore apply the appropriate strategy given the situation and parties involved in any conflict that could emerge. 3. Provide any additional relevant personal notes and observations. These topics are considered significant as they are most applicable in day-to-day situations and in every endeavor one plans to pursue. By developing skills in team building, collaboration and conflict resolution, one is prepared to face future challenging situations that would require the skills learned from this week’s concepts. One of the most crucial realizations from the concepts was the need to clearly and explicitly define goals: whether these are personal goals, group goals or organizational goals.

As the starting point of every endeavor, the statement of goals is needed to enable those appointed the tasks to achieve them, could design the appropriate strategies that would effectively maximize resources towards their attainment. Another relevant input was that these concepts share is the design of strategies towards goal achievement. Strategies are action plans that give direction to the path that would optimize the use of resources and minimize costs; thereby enabling the endeavor to generate the greatest benefit or profit.

Even in terms of conflict resolution, the most effective strategy would ensure that the chosen alternative would be amenable to the parties involved by according them the most benefits at the least cost. All the concepts highlight the value of goal setting, the design of appropriate and effective strategies that would result to the greatest benefits for the greatest number of people.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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