Essays on WHITE PAPER Communication in Times of Stress Case Study

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To Chief Communications Officer From 22 November Communication in Time of Stress The recent financial crisis that begunlate in 2008 has definitely changed the way we do business. The recent crisis proved that our industry is vulnerable to external financial shock and caused many of our counterparts in the industry to fold up. Admittedly, the recent crisis has changed the business environment in the technological industry of which Google belonged. To avoid such unfortunate business predicament to happen in Google, the company shall adopt policies and action plans that will enable Google better cope with the financial crisis, or any challenges that our company may face.

In crafting these policies, we will consider the different dimensions critical in corporate communications such as investor sustainability, internal and employee communication, crisis communication and issues management and corporate citizenship initiatives. In crafting these policies, it is important that such policies will reflect Google’s philosophy as “a perfect search engine” and bear the core values that made the company of what it is today. We will also continue to communicate and emphasize the “small company” feel that enabled initiative and innovation to thrive. As a company, Google has thrived on its open communication policy and diversity.

These cherished values shall remain even as we adopt new policies that will enable us to better respond to the changing business environment. But as the recent crisis has taught us, a company will be able to better respond to a crisis if its internal and external stakeholders are aligned with the company as it faces its challenges. For our external stakeholders, we will endeavor to enhance investor relations sustainability by keeping our investors abreast with what is happening in Google.

In the past, Google may have been open in terms of communication but this was limited among its employees. The recent financial crisis has taught us that investors are likely get involved during a crisis when they are “in the loop” of a company. Our employees are equally important stakeholders of Google. Through their innovations, Google was able to evolve from a simple “BackRub” search engine to a company that offers dozens of products and services-including various forms of advertising and web applications.

Being such, we will continue to uphold one of the company’s pillars of communication openness. While this has already been in practice, this is a good time to reiterate our commitment to an open internal employee communication. Our open communication policy will extend even during less ideal situations. In issues that affects the interest of our internal and external stakeholders, we will communicate with utmost transparency. Such, our crisis communication and issues management will involve full disclosure of the company’s true status.

Google believes that it is only through transparency that it can truly involve its stakeholders with the company. This value has not only nurtured and sustain us but also reinforces one of the core values of the company that “we can make money without doing evil”. All of these intended policy proposal is aimed towards making Google as still one of the best place to work with even as the company faces a financial crisis that still lingers today. We believe that even during a crisis, Google can still continue to grow if all our actions are aligned by an open communication.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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