Essays on Maintaining Store Safety in Haymespaint Depot Case Study

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The paper 'Maintaining Store Safety in Haymespaint Depot " is a good example of a management case study.   Haymespaint depot is a retail store that deals in paint and other paint products in Australia. The store has 25 workers who work in shifts, 15 in the morning hour and 10 in the evening. Additionally, there is supervisory and management team that is comprised of 6 individuals (The Sidney Morning Herald). The store is ever busy and processes deliveries as well as serves customers. Being that the store handles paint that is a hazardous material on its own calibre, the store has invested in health and safety program to assist in mitigating any incidents or accidents that might occur in the store (The Sidney Morning Herald).

The store has an incident-accident entry book and also has policies and procedures that form the standards of operation for the store workers. The store has a reception area, storage area and a loading bay for incoming products. The furniture in the office are well placed and there is enough space for operations. Generally, all the basic safety and health requirements are adhered to by Haymespaint Depot. Management of Store Safety The team that is working in the store has the right of being informed of the store's policies and procedures that are in tandem with the Work Health and Safety as well as emergency procedures (The Sidney Morning Herald).

There are very many ways of doing this. First off, comprehensive training should be undertaken where the employees are introduced to the workplace procedures and policies. Secondly, the policies and procedures should be pinned inaccessible places so that the employees can read and integrate them often (The Sidney Morning Herald).

Additionally, each and every employee should have access to the policies and procedures in print form. To reinforce the policies and procedures, the employees should be involved in the process of drafting them as well. To ensure further access to the policies and procedures, the employees should each be handed a copy as well as the same information made available in the store's intranet system and the notice boards. For the new worker's supervision is essential to make sure that they are doing work according to the policies and procedures (The Sidney Morning Herald).

The team should also be informed through manuals and safety data sheets. There is also a need to make lucid the provisions of the WHS or OHS legislation to the team members who are employees in this case. This can be achieved through internal and external training. Internally the team should be taken through the process of understanding the legislation and what accrues on an event that they are breached (The Sidney Morning Herald).

External training involves things such as seminars and webinars so that the employees are updated on the necessary legislations including the code of conduct and their obligations. Within the store as an ideal workplace, it is essential that information concerning the identified risks and hazards control procedures is given (The Sidney Morning Herald). The first process is to ensure that the incidents and accidents are logged in the register together with the injuries (Product Safety Australia). The next step is to provide specific training that is meant to mitigate such occurrences in future (Product Safety Australia).

The training information should be kept for some time with the team members and in an accessible location within the store.

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