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The paper "University of Leeds Student Union " is a perfect example of a business assignment. The student union is termed as student organizations that are present in almost all colleges as well as in the universities and in a few high schools. Based on the country in which the union has established the assembly, purpose, implementation and method do have some dissimilarity. Globally the main purpose of the student unions is to stand for the other students on their campuses. In most instances, this union is mostly run by the students and is usually operated as separate from the educational facility.

The main purposes of the unions are to represent the students within the organization and also outside the schools for example on both the local, regional and national grounds. Student unions are also charged with the duty of offering a number of services to their fellow students. Depending on the makeup of each student organization, students can at times get involved in the student unions by either becoming active members or committee members, attending a general meeting and councils without failure or at times been among the elected officials of the student union (Fletcher 2005a). Some of the student unions are politicized and some acts as being the training grounds for politicians.

A combination of factors such as youthfulness, lack of clear and concise decisions, student media that are characterized by partisans and is composed of inexperienced personnel and the fact that the students have no financial pressure, all these factors tend to encourage vigorous campaigns, political game ships and debates. Irrespective of the politicized agenda, all student unions tend to pertain to similar aims with the main focuses being on offering students with services, support and facilities (Fletcher 2005b).

Some student unions also allocate and recognize annual budget for various other organizations around the campus. University of Leeds student union The Leeds University union seems to be a democratic union, offering students the power to offer some change. When a student registers for a course in the university one automatically become a member of the student union and through this one is entitled to vote when elections are announced, forward various motions vote in a referendum and attend the union council.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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