Essays on Why I Would Like to Be Part of the Amish Community Case Study

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The paper "Why I Would Like to Be Part of the Amish Community" is a great example of a business case study.   Amish is a community that lives in America and is thought to be a special group because it does not prefer living a modern life. The traditional cultures are preserved, and many people have found it difficult to adapt the life. It is believed that the people who have ever lived a modern life cannot adapt to the traditional ways of the Amish community. I understand that changing to the Amish way of life is difficult, but it is possible for a person who is willing to persevere.

I understand that modern life is good and easier, but the advantages of living the Amish life is far much better than living the modern life. Even though many people do not succeed in joining the Amish community, many have tried, and the number is a good indicator that many people wish to live as the Amish people do. Some people have ever thought of changing to become part of the Amish community.

However, there are individuals who have found that living in towns is a stressing thing. Some have preferred to go to rural areas where they can work using their internet and at the same time enjoy the environment where there is space to play and engage in exercise. In rural areas, people can enjoy the serene environment without noise from vehicles and factories. Accidents are rare in these places. Crimes are also very low (Kraybill, 42). By doing this, the people end up adopting some of the activities that the Amish community engage in.

this is a good indicator that many people wish to join the Amish people because they are aware of the advantages of the same. Here, I discuss why I wish to join the Amish community. I will achieve this by discussing the advantages of being a member of the Amish society. One of the values that the Amish community highly value is family relationships. The people believe that family support is very important, and everyone has a duty of taking care of family members. When an Amish family member has problems, there is a need for ensuring that they receive the necessary support.

The marriages are taken seriously, and relations start from the time of courtship. Everything is taken seriously, and this is why the married couples end up being responsible parents. Every human being wishes to be part of a family that supports them. Having a good family with responsible children is a dream of every young person. However, this has become difficult to achieve in the current world. Getting the right marriage partner is not easy, and family conflicts are the order of the day in the modern world.

Broken marriages lead to suffering children and no one wishes such a thing to happen. This reason motivates me to become a member of the Amish community. Joining the Amish community will help me avoid living a stress-free life where I will feel that I am supported by people close to me. Every human being has to satisfy social needs, and this can be satisfied by the Amish community. The close relationship with the people will make me a happy person.

Life will enable me to raise my children in a good environment where all my responsibilities as a parent will be achieved (Kraybill 75). My children will grow to be responsible children with the support of the two parents and the support of a larger family. I will avoid problems such as divorce that can be lead to a stressful life and which can be dangerous for my future children.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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