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Professional Development for Strategic ManagersIntroductionHuman beings are the best resource ever in any organization. As a result, this resource ought to be managed with uttermost efficacy. Effective remains the most important tools, as a manager in any organization, one needs to develop his or her professionalism. Professional and personal skills in leadership and management are pertinent tools a manager will need to be acquainted with in order to be fruitful. A Manager needs to develop a thorough research on the acquisition of personal skills for up to date strategic management. In the report we intend to take a close look at the, managerial framework and service delivery in its entirety and see how professional/ personal skills are important to any manager.

In the paper, we take a close look at the different skills both in the professional and personal realms and get to analyse how we can improve the service delivery of the managers. As strategic managers the paper is meant to help in the development of personal and professional skills to be expended in daily execution of the passing out.

Coupled with the above mentioned this paper also greatly contributes to development of leadership skills. The paper is meant to evaluate the personal and professional skills. In sync with this is the execution of a personal skills audit coupled with a personal development plan. To achieve this, objectives stated hereunder with have to be addressed in earnest. ObjectivesTo identify practical methods for developing and improving personal and professional skills in strategic managers within a yearTo determine the effect of the international and the multicultural environment on the development of strategic manager. To identify the effect of personal and professional skills on leadership These encapsulate the following; inter alia, the understated, Setting objectivesEvaluationDecision makingReflectingTime managementStress managementLeadershipValuing and supporting others. Self-assessmentCommunicatingSelf appraisalPrioritizingMain bodyTime management.

As a manager it is paramount to keep time since time is an important resource in management apart from people. Knowing when to arrive on job and what time to take thereon helps one become a better manager. Stress management. In any organization dealing with daily affairs, stress is an inevitable ingredient. Any manager worth his salt must be armed to the tool to combat stress at its emergence.

Failure to manager stress as a manager will lead to an automatic organizational failureMotivatingPursuant to theory X of management, there are a number of employees who work best in pensive environment whist others prefer perpetual encouragement, support. Motivational incentives like package increments, promotion, special treatments etc. CommunicatingIn any given organization, communication is an important aspect. Failure to communicate results in organizational breakdown; essentially, communication is the building block of any organization. Valuing and supporting othersThis is prerogative as it makes people to have a sense of belonging.

With the sense of belonging, an employee is bound to deliver more than one without this aspect in consideration. Valuing employees and giving them necessary support gives them the audacity to belabour as a united front for the success of the business.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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