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The paper "Application of Management Theories on Volkswagen" is a wonderful example of a literature review on management. Management is a continuous practice that involves synchronization of various different activities like planning, controlling, coordinating, and motivating towards a common desired goal. Stoner, Freeman, and Danial (2003) explain that different organizations adapt to differing management theories and approaches which best suits their environmental conditions and functions accordingly. In light of the same Stoner, Freeman and Danial (2003) defines management as a process which aims to clearly highlight the organizational goals and objectives, defines the work system, the organizational structure suited for carrying out the work, and a complete process through which organization maintains an environment for ensuring efficient and effective working of all its employees aimed towards achievement of both individual goals and objectives along with the group and organizational goals and objectives in a coordinated and synchronized manner. Hannagan (2005) further lays importance on the theories and school of thoughts that have emerged as a process of application of management.

Hannagan (2005) opines that management theory has broadly led to the development and evolution of two approaches of management which are commonly named as the Traditional or Classical approach and the Human Management Theories.

According to Coles (2004), both Classical and Human Management Theories offers two different approaches to the management theory. While one looks and highlights the emphasis on the employees as an exclusive means to achieve organizational goals and objectives the other focuses on the growth of an organization with an emphasis on motivation and behavioral development among the employees and workers. With this discussion in mind, this report focus and highlights a complete discussion on the two different management theories and critically examines and evaluates how such theories are applied to the Volkswagen group in today’ s environmental conditions and situations.  


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