Essays on Human Resource Planning at Cadbury Case Study

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The paper "Human Resource Planning at Cadbury " is a great example of a human resources case study.   Human resource planning is the process through which future and present human resource needs are secured for the achievement of the goals of an organization. HR planning is meant to be a link between the organization’ s overall strategic plan and the human resources management Collings & (Wood 2009 pp. 300). HR planning is also seen to be the continuous process of systematic planning to attain optimum use of the most valuable asset of an organization which is the human resource.

Human resource planning has the objective of ensuring that there is a match between the jobs and employees. It also works at ensuring that there are no surpluses or shortages in manpower. In this essay, I will analyze the part Human Resource Planning plays in contributing to the success and sustainability of Cadbury which is a company headquartered in London in the U. K. Human resource planning at Cadbury Cadbury being a confectionary company is owned by Kraft Foods and it operates in various countries around the world.

It is based in the United Kingdom since it has its headquarters in London. There are several forces that put Cadbury together and help it attain its objectives. If there was all the capital needed and all infrastructure required without good manpower needed to make good use of these resources then the company could not be as successful as it is. For Cadbury to succeed, it created a good balance of manpower, capital and materials. Manpower that has been trained and equipped well is at all times beneficial in utilizing the resources available in the best way possible which eventually makes the organization successful.

The human resource department has the responsibility of meeting the need of the organization for employees that are well qualified (Ulrich 1996, pp. 65) The organization couldn’ t do without human resource planning. The manager for human resources has the responsibility of taking care of various important functions within the organization where recruitment and training of employees that meet the criteria of the organization is concerned (Conaty and Ram 2011, pp. 69).   Human resource planning has been viewed as being very critical within Cadbury.

It is given priority over other planning activities. At Cadbury, Human resource planning because it deals with people is placed at the top position. The needs of the workforce are given priority over other needs because people are seen to be more significant than anything else in the company. People are the most important resource that the company has. This makes it possible for the right number of candidates with the right potential, experience and qualification can be recruited. The logic here is that the Human Resource department should be equipped well so that it can identify potential candidates and make profitable use of their potential in the organization through exposure and training (Mathis and Jackson, 2010 pp.

512). At Cadbury, Human resource planning is therefore carried out before organizational planning because of its importance. Organizational planning has to do with plans for the other departments of the organization. First of all these departments should be given a workforce before their plans are formulated.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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